After School
Kid's Martial Arts

After School
Kid's Martial Arts

Premier Martial Arts Teaches Kids A Lot

Karate is a great way for your kids to become disciplined, get fit with kickboxing, and stand up to bullying with Krav Maga, all while having fun! Take advantage of our exclusive online offer now to save big as you empower your kids forever!

After School Martial Arts

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Martial Arts After School Pick-up Program

Your child will thank you forever

When you enroll your child in our professional Transported After School Martial Arts Program, we'll provide more than just supervision and academic support, we will teach your child martial arts. Studies have shown, and parents of children in our program know, that martial arts lessons can help your child improve confidence and help develop the leadership skills they need in life. Most of all, they'll gain the high self esteem that is a proven result from martial arts training as we teach it in our exclusive Martial Arts After School Program.

If you are like most parents, you are probably on a budget. Premier Martial Arts After School Program makes it easy to give your child two activities for the price of one. We combine convenient after school care and exciting martial arts lessons.

A Summary From Many of our Parents

"Since our children have been participating in the after school / after care program at Premier Martial Arts, we have seen them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. They exhibit more self control and are learning to become leaders rather than followers. They are learning about resisting peer pressure, dealing with bullies, gaining manners and respect for themselves and others plus how to set and achieve goals."

Most of our after school karate, after care karate students continue the year right through summer camp and into the next school year.

Premier Martial Art's After School Program Includes:

Martial Arts is the best way to empower your kids with great values

  • Free Transportation From Their School
  • A day-camp on most days schools are closed
  • Personal Development Lessons
  • Exciting daily martial arts classes
  • Extra martial arts practice / instruction – they just have to ask!
  • Time for homework while they wait to be picked up, games, and FUN!

Our classes are designed to be both fun and motivating. The aftercare program has the goal of assisting kids to become the best they can be as martial artists as well as developing life skills. The program is geared to getting students motivated and excited about learning. All of this takes place in a positive, nurturing, friendly and fun environment.

Our after school program is a great alternative to day care, extended day at school or baby sitting

At Premier Martial Arts our students not only have a safe, fun place to spend the afternoon but are involved in daily physical fitness, character building lessons, learning of self defense skills and many other attributes you want to see in your child.

Our Program, Unlike after School Daycare Programs includes the cost of Karate Lessons for the same price as "After School Daycare." This makes us by far a better choice and value. You receive two activities for the price of one! You just can't beat our program for value and the great life skills your child will develop! Call today, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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