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Building Resilience in Kids with Martial Arts


In some ways, children are already naturally resilient. If you’ve ever seen a young child fall while playing, only to quickly get back up and get going again, you’ve seen first-hand the natural resilience children have. 

As we get older, that resilience starts to fade, both physically and mentally. Psychology Today describes mental or emotional resilience is the ability to bounce back from hardships and setbacks in life rather than letting one problem turn into several more due to how the problem is handled. This kind of resilience is what makes the difference in whether many people will advance towards their potential in life or get stuck as the inevitable obstacles in life appear. 


Why is Resilience Important for Kids? 

There’s nothing more powerful than knowing you have a hand in how most situations play out. A resilient child is less likely to panic or feel crushed when an undesirable outcome occurs, whether that’s an argument with a friend or not getting chosen for a team.

Building resilience in kids gives them an extra tool to navigate life and come out on top even in difficult situations. With so much research showing the benefits of resilience, parents are searching for ways to give their kids this powerful advantage in life. 


Building Resilience in Kids with Martial Arts

While there isn’t just one option for building up a child’s resilience, some options are better proven than others. The martial arts have proven again and again to be a major source of enrichment and resilience for kids. 

It’s no wonder many parents turn to martial arts to grow their child’s resilience—many forms of martial arts have been designed and practiced for centuries specifically to boost resilience. Premier Martial Arts has been working with parents and children to give kids the benefits of learning time-tested lessons in resilience while having fun and staying safe. 

Building resilience in kids with martial arts is effective because it goes beyond just words, instead letting children practice and experience resilience for themselves through key lessons. 


Resilience Lesson #1: Failure is Fine!

To do anything successfully and with skill in life means getting comfortable with failure. As humans, it’s natural for us to want to avoid failure, but this means avoiding success in the long run. 

Martial arts are a powerful method for helping children learn that failure is nothing more than progress towards a goal. By practicing different techniques and failing until succeeding, kids learn that failure doesn’t stop you—quitting does.


Resilience Lesson #2: Growth is a Mindset.

One of the most impactful aspects of building resilience in kids comes from teaching them that it’s not talent, but effort that predicts their success. 

Unlike a fixed mindset, a growth mindset helps kids believe they can achieve goals based on their effort instead of feeling like they need an innate ability to succeed at something. Training in martial arts helps kids understand that practice is the most important aspect of success. 


Resilience Lesson #3: Develop Supportive Relationships. 

While the practice of martial arts is uniquely designed to boost resilience, there’s another aspect of martial arts training that also helps empower kids. 

Through building supportive relationships with other students and their teachers, children learn that they can rely on others, which helps manage their stress. When children feel supported and able to turn to many different people in their life for encouragement, they’re better able to deal with the stress of life—a key aspect of resilience. 

If you’re searching for ways to build your child’s resilience to give them the tools they need for succeeding in life, Premier Martial Arts designs an expert-informed and child-friendly curriculum to make training in martial arts an enriching and enjoyable experience. 


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