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Number One Thing That Develops a Child’s’ Confidence

A confident child is a happy child.

Many books on child psychology explain that the number one thing a child needs to help build their confidence is the ability to adapt.

The psychologist further explained that the ability to adapt starts with a child being exposed to a variety of experiences and environments.

That makes sense, right! I mean the more people, social settings, travels, and challenges they encounter the better their ability to adapt becomes.

When a person is just fine with adapting to an ever-changing world, quick changes tend to be less scary. The unknown to some degree is then okay!

So whether it’s going out for a sport, a change of homework topics, or a change of friends, a child with a variety of experiences will always have more confidence than a child who did not have that variety to develop the ability to adapt.

I found this very intriguing because of the ever-changing challenges we present the children that train here at Premier Martial Arts. Everything from our curriculum of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga, the different techniques, exercises, to our style of instruction challenge children to learn, adapt and grow, thus building a strong foundation in confidence. Premier Martial Arts takes great pride in knowing and understanding that we are also helping them develop a sense of adaptation when needed.

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