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On January 6th, 2022

Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions: Why You Need a Martial Arts Practice

It’s the time of year when we start looking forward to the upcoming new year with hope for what’s to come. There are mixed beliefs on whether New Year’s resolutions are worth setting, but many people enjoy the process of planning what goals they’d like to achieve in the coming year.  If you are the ...

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On December 22nd, 2021

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids and Fitness Lovers

The season of giving is here, but this year people are searching for new ways to make the gifts they give special. Gift-giving is a special part of the holiday season for many traditions, including Christmas. While it might seem like a chore some years, giving gifts to your loved ones can be a meaningful ...

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On November 18th, 2021

Cooperation and Competition in Martial Arts for Kids

If you had an opportunity to provide valuable life skill lessons to your child with a fun and healthy method, you’d likely jump at the chance. Many parents are doing exactly that when it comes to enrolling their children in a martial arts program. While values like discipline and practice are some of the more ...

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On October 28th, 2021

Can Practicing Martial Arts Make You More Creative?

When we talk about the martial arts, our focus is often on the most obvious element of this practice, which is our physical health. While the martial arts can offer a nearly endless list of physical health benefits, there’s a lesser-appreciated advantage to practicing martial arts that’s beginning to get more attention: creativity. The martial ...

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On October 25th, 2021

Martial Arts and Fighting COVID-19: How a Martial Arts Practice Can Help You Stay Healthy

The COVID-19 pandemic has put health at the forefront of our focus. When our health is in jeopardy, we quickly realize how valuable good health is. While there are many safety precautions we can take to avoid and manage a COVID-19 infection, the old and faithful methods for staying healthy are still helpful. Exercise continues ...

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On October 6th, 2021

Starting Martial Arts? Here are the Basics of Martial Arts Gear

Getting started is often the hardest part, especially when you need to gather the right gear. When it comes to martial arts gear, there are varying requirements that martial arts studios have for their students. Differences between martial arts studios can range over almost everything, from the belt system to the safety equipment required, and ...

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On September 29th, 2021

Gain These 5 Key Virtues Through the Martial Arts

Practicing martial arts has many benefits that you might not immediately notice. The physical benefits of practicing a martial art are clear; it doesn’t take long to see improvements in your body after starting a martial arts practice. Many people also notice that martial arts make your mind stronger over time, too. Yet, there’s more ...

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On September 16th, 2021

How Do Martial Arts Improve Mindfulness?

Being able to stay calm and focused while others are panicking; enjoying the simple moments with friends and family despite life’s stress; staying grounded and balanced when life throws hardships at you—these are a few of the powerful benefits that mindfulness has been shown to provide. As more research proves the tangible benefits that come ...

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On September 8th, 2021

The Science Behind Martial Arts

When most people think about martial arts, they imagine the skill and training that goes into learning these fighting systems. While the training we undergo to learn martial arts is interesting, another world of fascination appears when we look into the science behind martial arts. When we talk about the science that underlies martial arts, ...

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On September 2nd, 2021

What Does it Take to Obtain a Black Belt?

If you imagine an expert martial artist who spent many years perfecting their practice and gaining powerful skills, you probably think of the famous black belt. Almost every person knows what it means when they hear “She has a black belt.” Although belt colors in East Asian martial arts only reach back to roughly the ...

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