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Karate For Concentration Brunswick


Premier Martial Arts is proud to support local children by giving them invaluable life skills training that could improve their lives!

At Premier Martial Arts we believe that family comes first in our children’s lives, with an emphasis on their education. We believe that if you want a safe and fun place for your children to learn that it would help to instill important life skills, character development, and safety for your children. There is no better place to learn these skills than right here at Premier Martial Arts.

The ABC’s of Success ties life skills with physical martial arts movements and concepts. We will show the students how to use these life skills not only in their martial arts training, but also in school and other areas of their life to make them more successful as well!

At our Karate For Concentration Program, we emphasize all of the principles of the ABC’s of Success! Lets go over all of “The ABC’s of Success.”

Aim - Focus on what’s important to achieve our goals!

Back Up - It’s OK to get help from others to achieve our goals!

Confidence - Always believe in yourself!

Parents, we want to invite you to our event! We will make sure that your children will have a blast while learning important life skills!

My children had so much fun while attending the Premier Martial Arts Karate For Concentration Program. And as a parent, I feel much better than they have heard and been trained in Premier’s safety information. They now understand who a stranger really is and how to handle it when a stranger approaches them. Also, the Lights of Safety lesson was a powerful method for kids to understand how important smart decision making is but in a simple way. I am telling all my mom friends about this workshop and highly recommending their children attend!
-Becky Presley

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Premier Martial Arts – Brunswick

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