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Empowering lives
Martial Arts

Empowering lives
through Martial Arts

Premier Martial Arts Central Texas

    1. Premier Martial Arts - Leander

      3501 Lakeline Blvd.
      Leander, TX 78641

      (737) 205-4301

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    2. Premier Martial Arts - Pflugerville

      1420 Wells Branch Pkwy, Ste. 290
      Pflugerville, TX 78660

      (737) 205-4302

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    3. Premier Martial Arts - Round Rock

      1200 E Palm Valley Blvd
      Round Rock, TX 78664

      (737) 205-4303

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    4. Premier Martial Arts - Allandale

      2925 W Anderson Lane
      Austin, TX 78757

      (737) 205-4305

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    5. Premier Martial Arts Jollyville

      (Coming Soon)

    6. Premier Martial Arts Waco

      (Coming Soon)

    7. Premier Martial Arts Buda

      (Coming Soon)

    8. Premier Martial Arts - Georgetown

      (Coming Soon)

    9. Premier Martial Arts - Hutto

      (Coming Soon)

    10. Premier Martial Arts - Westlake

      (Coming Soon)

    11. Premier Martial Arts - Bee Caves

      (Coming Soon)

    12. Premier Martial Arts - Steiner Ranch

      (Coming Soon)

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Kids Martial Arts

Kid's Martial Arts


Premier Martial Arts specializes in teaching children character development through the study of martial arts. Our unique curriculum combines the styles of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing to develop our students to be a well-rounded martial artist. Self-defense, fitness and character development is our goal to better empower your child to grow their confidence in themselves, self-discipline to do what they know they should, focus and concentration to enhance their school work, respect for others, and the perseverance to never give on things when they become difficult.

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Adult Martial Arts


Our adult styles taught at Premier Martial Arts combines the highly effective self-defense arts of Krav Maga and Kickboxing. The same systems and methods as the Israeli Army uses for Fitness, Fighting, and Self-Defense. The training in our Krav Maga classes will burn body fat, increase your level of conditioning, and our kickboxing will give you a total body workout that gets results, all while you are learning to defend yourself, make new friends, and have FUN!

Our professional Krav Maga and Kickboxing instructors at Premier Martial Arts are expert Krav Maga Black Belts and will guide you every punch, kick, knee and self-defense technique of the way.

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Adult Martial Arts
Karate Birthday Parties

Karate Birthday Parties


We provide an hour and a half of fun and excitement for your kids from our qualified martial arts instructors so parents can sit back and watch the fun. Our instructors will lead the children in martial arts games, a beginner’s martial arts class where your child is the star and gets to break a board in front of their friends, and then the birthday child will cut their cake with a real samurai sword, like a true Karate master! This will be the best and most fun birthday party your child has ever had!

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Premier Martial Arts

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