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Bully Proof Workshop Atlanta


Premier Martial Arts is proud to support local kids by giving them invaluable safety training that could improve lives!

Hello! Welcome to Premier Martial Arts. We are excited to share the following Bully Proof Workshop with your family. We understand the effects bullying can have on a child’s life. All the motivation that a child has to succeed in school, sports, and any endeavor in life, comes from a child’s confidence and self-esteem. A bully robs a child of those very important traits that can have a negative impact on the rest of their life.

Our program is designed to give children the confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge needed to defend themselves against bullies. We will cover techniques in today’s class that will improve body posture and voice tone so that your son or daughter is less likely to ever be bullied. We will talk about respect and courtesy and help instill the belief system that “I am valuable and worth protecting.”

When those beliefs are instilled in children two things occur.

1) They will have the confidence to stand up for themselves when faced with abuse.

2) They will realize the value of respect and courtesy and will be less likely to bully others.

My children had so much fun while attending the Premier Martial Arts Bully Proof program. And as a parent, I feel much better than they have heard and been trained in Premier’s safety information. They now understand who a stranger really is and how to handle it when a stranger approaches them. Also, the Lights of Safety lesson was a powerful method for kids to understand how important smart decision making is but in a simple way. I am telling all my mom friends about this workshop and highly recommending their children attend!
-Becky Presley

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