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Free Beginner’s Kids Martial Arts Class

  1. Saturday, September 21st | 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm
    1. Premier Martial Arts - Franklin

      2020 Fieldstone Pkwy Suite 800
      Franklin, TN, 37069

      (615) 645-3322

Free Kids Beginner Martial Arts Class

It's Back to School Time!

Invest in your child without a big commitment, just rewards!

In this free hour long workshop, we help teach them:

  • The importance of education
  • Skills to focus and concentrate
  • How our relationships define our success
  • How to build confidence and make proper decisions

Saturday, September 21st | 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm

This powerful workshop guides the children through a series of real-life analogies that not only makes learning the information fun, but brings the information to the children in a manner that connects with them on a personal and emotional level, thus increasing the children’s ability to retain this information and use it immediately in their day to day lives.

Every Child Will Receive:

A $69 value!

Don't wait! Take advantage of this great offer today.

Event Dates and Time

  • Saturday, September 21st | 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm
  • Ages: 5-12