Girl celebrating her birthday

Throw the Best Birthday Party Ever!

Martial Arts-themed birthday parties are easy for you and fun for your kids

All parents want to throw a birthday party that their kids will remember forever. Our birthday parties are fun, active and educational - and your kid will shine in front of their best friends. Best of all, we take care of everything - so you can enjoy the day too!

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Throw a Party Your Kids will Remember!

Premier Martial Arts can create a fun and memorable experience for your child

All kids want to be superheros. A birthday party at Premier Martial Arts allows your kids to feel like they are superheros for the day in our fun, martial arts-themed events!

Birthday parties don’t have to be all the same thing - your kids can benefit from a new experience where they learn with their friends in a setting that lets them shine. As a busy parent, why not choose an event that will be easy for you and fun for your kids? Every parent wants their kids to have a memorable experience at their birthday parties - Premier Martial Arts is an experience they won’t forget.

Planning birthday parties should not feel like work

Sit back and let us take care of all the details

As a parent, you might feel overwhelmed by planning your children’s birthday party. Most parties are a lot of work; you have to get the balloons, the gifts, the invitations and the cake. By hosting your party at Premier Martial Arts, the majority of the work is taken care of - we provide the place, the cake and an exciting opportunity to experience martial arts, which other parents will certainly be excited about!

Hosting your party at Premier Martial Arts will be the best decision you've ever made!

We’ve thrown thousands of parties and we’re experts at having fun! We take care of the whole planning for you, as our events are perfectly curated to allow your kids to have fun and learn in safe environment.

Best of all, you won’t have to stay after the party bussing plates and cleaning up. We do all of that for you! We want you to concentrate on watching your kids have the time of their lives!


"Our son’s Karate Birthday Party was over three weeks ago and he won’t stop talking about how cool it was! His friends at school have been talking about his party, & all a sudden he is the cool kid! Haha! He is already asking to have his party with your studio next year!"

- Emma Strough (Tommy's Mom)

"I wanted to drop you guys a few lines to tell you how much our daughter Lexy enjoyed her karate birthday party. Her and her friends loved every minute of it! Her friend Mia says she also wants to have her birthday party there, so we will see you soon again soon"

- Katherine Hiller (Lexy's Mo)

"We’ve hosted and been to all kinds of birthday parties in Atlanta the past few years. Discovery Zone, Chucky Cheese, Paint Ball, we have done them all. I just wanted you to know that this was the best party we have ever attended. Your staff was very professional and did a great job with all the kids. We are recommending your parties to all of our friends. Looks like our both our kids want to take Karate lessons now, so we will be in touch soon!"

- The Thompsons

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