Premier Martial Arts teaches more than martial arts techniques – we empower our students and change lives. Hear from happy students and parents and see just how impactful martial arts can be in your life.

They work well with every skill level and if you've missed some classes due to unexpected changes in life they will help you get back to where you were when you do get the chance to come in. Go in a check them out for yourself
Christophet Nicholas
This is a great place for kids to learn discipline and hard work while having fun. Sensei Bennett and Sensei Profit(hope I spelled that right) are both great with kids. They are firm with their instructions but never harsh. The kids all really respect them and try hard to do well in class. I feel like it’s great for my son and I’m glad we found this place.
Clayton Johnson
Wonderful place for kids AND parents to train! The owners and staff genuinely care about the children and treat you like family. Highly recommend!!
Chelsea Hobelmann
We truly have enjoyed our experience at Premier Martial Arts. Mr. Michael has helped our son increase his confidence in himself and his ability to have new experiences. Our son has shown that he can come out of his comfort zone which has really contributed to him being able to make more friends in other areas in his life.
A Cloud
Personalized training, discipline and values! I highly recommend this place.
Victor Sierra
Such a wonderful place & amazing coaches. We’ve seen a huge improvement in our 5 year old kid, especially with her balancing and kicking skills.
Yara Orayfig
We have been going to Premier Martial Arts for years. My kids are almost black belts in their and will continue to the adult program. The program is amazing, along with the instructors! The kids are taught respect, personal strength, and leadership skills. They are given "homework" to do so these skills are promoted beyond the studio. They also do community outreach which is something not many martial arts studios do. If you are looking for a martial arts studio for your family, look no further! They are amazing!
Stephanie Vatsaas
Environment is friendly, professional and the staff are kind. Willing to help teach and develop our children into future leaders. As well as teaching team work and the value of fun.
Ariel Tedrow
Premier Martial Arts in NW OKC has been a great experience for my spouse and I! The adult classes offer a great workout and an opportunity to learn new skills for self defense. Mr. Chandler is a great instructor who offers flexibility and grace based on your skill level and ability, while still helping you grow in strength, skill, and confidence.
Jennifer Hailes
This is a great location the Senseis are great with the kids, the classes are not overwhelming and the kids have a lot of fun. They even have adult classes...
Lashaun Azurdia
I joined the adult martial arts class 6 months ago to work on my overall health and fitness, as sort of a mind/body/spirit overhaul. I felt self-conscious as a senior and grandma, but both instructors Kabir and Oleksandr have such fantastic approaches and teaching styles that it just didn't matter. Though everyone was younger than me, I personally challenged myself. I met wonderful people (men and women) in the class and have definitely gained strength and confidence in a way that I think no other kind of fitness class could provide. Oleksandr is inspiring; his fitness level and skill is stunningly next level. The self-defense segment within every single class is so valuable too. It's an investment in myself.
Jeanette Ruby
GREAT dojo for families. My kids (7and9yo) never want to attend anything, but Coach Jeff made them feel so comfortable at the two free private classes, they were way less nervous to jump into the martial arts classes. My boys have grown in confidence and respect outside of the dojo. They love going to class. Coach Jeff is patient and kind while still setting the bar high. I'm a better mom just from watching how he handles a group of kids. My husband and I joke that it's better than therapy. My husband and I started taking adult classes after seeing how much fun the kids had. (And I haven't taken a fitness class since high school.) It has been so good for our entire family.
Kate Hall
We joined PMA 10 months ago because we wanted our girls to learn to defend themselves should they ever have to. In that time we’ve seen their abilities and confidence grow. Sensei Van and Roberto have done an excellent job of teaching them different techniques and they get a great work out while they’re there. They also teach them different values like honesty, integrity, respect and obedience. Highly recommend this place!
Charlie Thompson
We just had a birthday party this past weekend at premier and we ALL enjoyed it. Tami and her lovely assistant entertain and engaged with all participants.
Diana Moran
My kids just started training at Premier and love it. Aleks has been great and Eli is awesome, very knowledgeable and patient with the kids. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Thanks to both of you and excited for more.
Jason Daniels
Highly recommend!! Great classes!
Meghan Little
I love coming here and the instructors are INCREDABLE! They work with you and push you to your limits without over doing it. I've only been coming for a month but honestly it's the best place I've been too. Come check it out!
Alex B
It's great place with great teachers and learning environment. Overall a good place to enter your kids into any out of school activities
The cheese Man
Recommend 💯% is a friendly place my son enjoys a lot !!!
Eric Fabian
My daughter, age 12, started taking classes here 6 months ago. She has learned so much! We’ve seen her grow in confidence and physical strength. The instructors are excellent with the kids. They are able to make it fun, but are still able to keep great control.
Becky Huff
Janine and her staff came to my school do teach a self-defense lesson. They were wonderful! They connected with students as they taught them tools for situational awareness, stance, blocking, getting out of basic grabs, and above all, a healthy respect for the power that we each carry to command our own space. I very much appreciate the passion, deep knowledge, commitment, and generosity that these folks bring to teaching others. I highly recommend!
Jodi Fowler
It is a great school, me and my sons are students there and we love it. We have learned a lot and have a lot of fun. Great teachers and staff!
Melissa Morri
Great institute. My kid is way more active & flexible now. Thank you PMA
Tripti Mund
Our experience with Premier Martial Arts has been really good! My daughter loves the classes and she has learned so much not only in terms of kicking and punching, but in respecting others and self discipline! You can tell that the Sensei's enjoy and take pride what they do! If you are considering signing up do it! Would definitely recommend Premier MA!
Chantelly Goddard
This has been a turning point in my girls development. Their focus, obedience and discipline has improved greatly. They are learning self defense, and they are learning to do so while respecting other people. It is a big commitment, but I am so grateful to see them really growing in their athleticism and character. So wonderful. It has been many months since I initially wrote the above review, but I wanted to add that I have since joined the cross kicks class (hoping to work through some injuries as well as develop my athletic potential and fight skills). Great class. This functional mobility training has greatly improved my range of motion and reduced my joint inflammation. My kicks, punches and combos have greatly improved. Great training.
jonathan yonley
Thank you Grand Master Garza for teaching self dense to our women’s group! We learned so much. This was an awesome time of empowerment for us ladies. Thank you for all you do for our community. We were all so encouraged by our time with you. You created a great environment to help us plan ahead for keeping ourselves and family safe. Blessings to you and your staff!
Amy McConkey
Mr. McNeil, Mr. Gabriel and Ms. Diana - all are awesome teachers. My kids love this place. Hope they continue their journey and become black belt. This is a good martial arts place where they take personal interest in your kids - definitely recommended.
Jigar Bhatt
Great team!
Cecilia Gomez
The instructors are excellent! They are professional, patient and very encouraging! My daughter really enjoys her ckasses.
Ana Galindo
We have been going to Premier for several months. There are 2 instructors. We absolutely love instructor Van. Our children learn so much from him. He is very clear in his teaching and you can tell he has a heart for teaching and leading! It's wonderful. Unfortunately I can't rate 5 stars because instructor Roberto is a lot of time all over the place. The kids have a difficult time following him and in his classes there is a lot of talking and less learning. When they do learn it can be all over the place. I think he has a heart to teach and I can tell he tries. However, you can see the lack of experience in how he leads and instructs. There are lots of parents that mirror my experience and some have dropped Premier because they feel their kids aren't learning consistently or as well under Roberto's instruction. I think they are co-equal in position and that may be the issue, you get a mixed curriculum and mixed quality of instruction. Either way I would give it a shot but make sure you request Roberto and Van seperately so you can make sure you are aware of the difference in how they instruct and work with your child. Please remember this is just the opinion of other parents and grandparents. Your experience may be different.
My daughter, Katie, started at Premier in February. If she could go every day, she would. Katie's main goal in learning was to take down her older brothers -one who is a Marine. 😆 She looks forward to learning new moves and LOVES helping to demonstrate old moves to new students. What is funny is seeing the pride on her face and the surprise on Sensei Van or Roberto's face when she takes them down. We love this place. Highly recommend kids are having fun and learning.
Kandi Dittrich
It’s a really cool place and they have good teachers.
Mikilo Dominiggaz
Highly recommend these teachers, they are excellent.
Nayib Raydan
Great Instructors. They’re very patient and helpful. I enjoy adding Premier martial arts to part of my schedule.
Ryan Chabarria
Es lo mejor 👌 👍🏻
Yalixia Ayala
What a great place and program!! So friendly and supportive of my boys. My oldest is very shy and he opened up after just a few moments with the Coach. Thank you!
Lani Misner
Our whole family love this place! The instructor is amazing. He is a great guy.
Matteo Licatini
Great business and facility I highly recommend them to kids and adults glad I found them
Margie Martinez
My son has been attending for about a month now, and I have seen a massive improvement in regard to accountability, focusing, and his overall demeanor! I definitely recommend 10/10…
My boy has been with the school for almost a year now, he absolutely love this. The new instructor and new manger are just the best!!! We had a birthday party celebrated here recently, 12kids were invited and it was so much fun for all!! They have special event once in awhile, during Halloween there was a costume lesson with friends invited by all students!!! Keep it up!!
gabriellle liu
Fantastic instructors that will take time with each student individually if they need help. I've never felt like my 5-year-old is just another kid in the class. The program itself is also a nice mix of learning to fight, learning conditioning, and learning stuff like focus and work ethic. I highly recommend this place for anybody looking to have their kid start learning martial arts. Update: My second kid just started here. It is still fantastic.
Drew Roberts
We’ve been attending Premier Martial Arts for a Year now and have been very impressed. Jeanine and her family are always patient and understanding. My grandson (6 years old) has some challenging behaviors at times, but he has come along way since joining. A lot of the focus is around self-discipline and respect and learning core values, not just martial arts moves. Highly recommend!
Malgorzata Trocka
We’ve been going to PMA for about 6 years. They’ve done a tremendous job in helping our daughters through: enhancing confidence, forging new friendships, and teaching respectfulness. To me, this is the best after school or summer program to place your child in the area. It is well-worth it.
Nelson Hill
Great folks to learn Martial Arts from. I'm 50+ with zero experience and Mr. Sanchez always makes me feel comfortable and is always encouraging. Lots of fun and it is great exercise.
Donald Murphy
This is a really awesome school. They have a fun yet disciplined and focused learning. Both the teachers also try to mix it with a lot of words of encouragement and self belief. Great experience for the past few months
Sqrt 17
My son had an amazing experience with his one to one lesson. he’s autistic and was a little over stimulated since it was a new environment; but they were so sweet , understanding , and kind ! i can’t thank Y’all enough ! can’t wait for our next lesson
Ashley Underhill
I appreciate how hard Coach Regina and Coach Cody work to make sure the boys are not only working hard but also getting a high quality experience. Thank you
Elizabeth Alexander
This place really brought out my happy place
My son has been in this place for more than 6 months, this is an incredible school with a friendly and respectful staff. The best decision we could have made was to choose this school. Join this great family! I recommend it. 🙂
Sandra Cardozo
We are so proud of our daughter’s progress after being a member of the PMA Addison team for the last year. Her growth, focus and dedication to her martial arts practice is stronger because of the caring instructors. The PMA Addison staff work to make the dojo a community and encourage the students through community events and character building. Premier Martial Arts would benefit any child in their gross motor development, self confidence, and focus.
Lauren Marold
Premier is an outstanding place for my grandsons. They are growing in confidence as they learn. I highly recommend this studio.
Lisa Clements
I have been incredibly impressed with Premier Martial Arts in Kingwood, where my son has been attending for over six months. His enthusiasm for each class and the progress he's made is a testament to the quality of instruction and the welcoming atmosphere at this martial arts school. I highly recommend Premier Martial Arts in Kingwood to any parent looking for a martial arts program that not only teaches self-defense but also instills valuable life skills and a love for learning. It's been a fantastic experience for my son, and we couldn't be happier with his progress and enthusiasm. Thank you to the entire team at Premier Martial Arts for their outstanding work!
Diane Castillo
The school and the teachers are amazing. My son enjoyed it…it taught him discipline and how to be a good team sport. I can’t wait until he return.
Briana Richard
My son looks forward to his classes every single week. I’d like to give a specific shout out to sensei Bennett, he is so patient with the kiddos and does a really amazing job at calming down kiddos when they’re upset (speaking from experience with my own toddler lol). He’s great at getting kid’s attention when they get distracted in a way that’s not giving “I’m the boss so you need to listen to me” vibes. Overall, staff and both senseis my son has worked with (sensei Bennett + sensei prophit) have been such a positive experience for my son! Highly recommend this location and this extracurricular activity for your kids as it teaches more than just martial arts. My son is learning things like being more aware, listening with purpose, etc. life skills that he can take into the outside world which is exactly what I was searching for when choosing an extracurricular activity for my 4 year old.
Aimee Tran
This location on 40th St and Chandler is awesome! My son loves coming to practice mixed martial arts, and the coach there is great!
Stephen Miller
Great place for the kids to learn discipline and self defense. Sensei Diaz and Master Sifu are both excellent instructors! All 3 kids that attend look forward to their training.
erick maldonado
Our son really enjoys Martial Arts and has shown lots of improvement with his behavior and focusing.
Hosted my kids birthday party here. Paul was great with the kids and the parents. All the kids had so much fun and all the parents enjoyed watching them. The booking process and hosting is made simple and easy. Thank you, Paul, for making this such a memorable birthday for my child!
Wonderful place for kids to learn Martial Arts!!
Anthony Holt
Love love love this place. All of the instructors are amazing. They all work as a team to provide the best instruction and lessons to my daughter who has a cognitive delay. They are extremely patient. They are the perfect mix of firm and kind. They are like family and truly care about my children. Their lessons always include creeds which are extremely encouraging of good moral character. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at premier.
Two of my grandchildren go and they really love it!
Michelle Welch
It's a lifetime experience here! Stop by for more info!
Frank Montgomery
Amazing coaches on PMA River Oaks. Our daughter loves going to her training sessions. 👍👍
Enrique Medina
Janine and her family came in to my middle school during our community day and they taught the kids self-defense. They not only donated their time to help us out but offered the best class for our kids from ages 11-14. We sent our evaluations about the day and many students told us that it was the best workshop of the day and that they got taught life learning skills and how to defend themselves if need be. They said they felt very confident leaving this workshop that they could take care of themselves and to respect others. I highly recommend Premier Martial Arts. They were so good with the students and very flexible with our schedule for the day. Kuddos to you and your business. Van Antwerp Middle School Maureen Trefethen
Maureen Trefethen
Big shout out to Ms. Kennedy for leading a fantastic birthday party at PMA Farragut and her masterful handling of two dozen rowdy 6-year-olds. All the kids had a blast and the party continued to be a hot topic of conversation the following at school from what I’ve heard.
Chet Hou
The main instructor is very interesting. Does very well with the kids. Keeps them engaged
Raphael Alexander
What is the price and time for 12 years old
Josue Rodriguez
My husband and I were looking for a karate school for our children and we feel very fortunate to have found Premier Martial Arts! Our children count the days until the next class, have fun and dedicate themselves, as they have the incentive to change belts. Teachers can not only make them work their body, but also their mind. They teach lessons of respect and discipline, something we think is essential for these growing humans. We recommend Premier Martial Arts to everyone! I'm sure that like us, your family will be very satisfied with their service.
Bruna Lima
My son has been attending this martial arts studio for about a year and his growth in his sense of responsibility and modeling good behavior for others has been amazing. He enjoys his classes, has great relationships with his instructors and other classmates, and looks forward to his class all the time. The families are also very friendly and kind with each other. During class, instructors are stern enough where the kids in the class continue to improve and they tamp down on disruptive behavior very quickly and effectively. At the same time, they are caring towards the kids so you can tell they are enthusiastic to listen to the instructors.
Maureen Chang
Los maestros son muy buenos y profesionales, tienen mucha paciencia con los niños y les enseñan además de técnicas de karate, movimientos de defensa personal útil para momentos de ataque, además de valores de disciplina y de crecimiento personal. Mi hijo no se pierde ninguna clase, lo recomiendo ampliamente
Karina Saldaña
Best Martial Arts place in Aventura! Great Team, 100% recommended...
Luis Torres
We were so happy to find Premier MA opening in the same place that Folsom MMA existed (Covid shutdown took it out!). Our daughter was eager to pick up her marshal arts training again after a long break. The instructors are professional, skilled, patient, disciplined and eager to impart those qualities to students of all ages and MA skill levels. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with Premier!
Tami Madera
My son loves his coaches. They are very professional, teaching the kids self discipline and more.
aysegul kufluoglu
Great martial arts studio. Mr. O'Leary and Mr. G are amazing instructors. My 9 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter love taking lessons there.
Laura McCallum
Love the dedication and values they enforce. Coaches are very dedicated and caring.
Great experience! Great product!
Adam Ruben
My daughter has attended PMA for more than a year and a half (starting at age 5) and she really enjoys it. The senseis do a great job with the kids, giving them good technical instruction while also making the classes fun. It's also good exercise for the kids and a positive overall environment. In addition, each month the kids learn a new theme, such as perseverance, respect, and integrity. PMA is a twice-per-week commitment (30 minutes per class), which at first seemed like a lot but it quickly became clear that once a week wouldn't be enough for skills improvement, so it's definitely worth it. We also recently started doing "black belt training," which is a membership add-on that many of the students do and consists of an extra 15 minutes at the end of the 30-minute class dedicated to sparring and weapons training (nunchucks, kali stick, bo staff). There are quarterly belt graduation ceremonies for students advancing to the next belt rank as well as monthly Friday fun nights and occasional parent-kid workshops to learn things like self defense. I recommend checking out PMA if you're interested in martial arts training for your kids (or as an adult - I know they do that too although I haven't done it myself). Unfortunately it does not appear that the class schedule is on their website, but I'm sure they can provide that upon request.
Kevin Barry
Fantastic place for kids to learn life skills and develop character while building the next generation of leaders...
Matias Carrio
Amazing instructors! Especially Justin, he has such a great way with the kids.
Kim Destino
Love what the PMA family has done for mine.
Alex Destino
Awesome place helping both of my children learn amazing self defense skills
Nice meeting you. Good Luck With Everything.
Hital Patel
I am beyond impressed with PMA Aventura. The teachers are energetic and engaging, and they pack so much fun and learning into each class. I love how they treat each child with respectful guidance and care, and keep classes attuned to the children’s development. Coming to the dojo has become the highlight of our week. I highly recommend trying a class.
Shera Sonenberg
Awesome school, awesome instructors! Great program! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
Paula Simon
I got my 5 boys in their program. Their ages range from 3- 10 years old and they all love it. My 5 year old who probably gave the team the most trouble absolutely loves them, and listens. He asks me every day whether they have Martial Arts today.
Michelle Bolson
I recommend Premier they are great with the kids and also teach self discipline. They have a variety of class schedules and even offer a Saturday class if you need to make up a class
Weirdo Fresh
My 10 year old son has been apart of PMA since April and he loves it there. The staff is always welcoming and excited to see the kids. The programs seems solid and well rounded. I can't wait to see how far my son gets in martial arts.
Chasery Villalobos Baxter