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Martial Arts FAQ’s

Can children compete in martial arts?
Yes. (While it is not mandatory for any student to compete, we do offer in-school tournaments and other opportunities to compete, locally, regionally and nationally.)
Do I need to be in shape before taking classes?

Not at all! (Most adults come to our studio looking to get into shape or maintain a current level of fitness. We scale all techniques and workouts to ensure a challenging but positive experience. Everyone has the right to be healthy and safe.)

Does my child need previous experience?

No. (Our introductory course ensures that we prepare all children for their 1st group class.)

How hard are your classes?

Our classes aim to be challenging. We want our members to leave each class feeling challenged but not overwhelmed!

How old does my child need to be to start?

Most PMA locations start at 3 years old. (Unlike many martial arts schools, our classes are divided by age to ensure a learning environment that is conducive to their physical and mental maturity.)

What if I am not very flexible?

When many think of marital arts they think of high flying acrobatic kicks and flips. Our adult program is centered around modern, real-world applicable self protection. We will help you increase your flexibility for good health but a high degree off flexibility has no bearing on your success in our program.

What if I join but end up moving?

No problem at all. (We cancel memberships for members who are moving outside a 25mi radius of their current residence.)

What is my child has learning or physical disability?

No problem. (Our introductory course is a great way for your family to meet with out staff and evaluate if we have the tools to help your child be successful in a group setting.)

What is the primary focus of your adult program?

Our primary focus is to help adults of our community to learn how to protect themselves as well as their loved ones if they find themselves in a violent encounter, while learning how to stay healthy and take care of their overall health.

What is the style of martial arts you teach?

Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Kali, Grappling (We focus on the strengths of these arts to help accomplish the goal of preparing our members to act safely and effectively to violent attacks ranging from robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping, home invasions, and active shooter scenarios involving gun, knife, and stick threats/attacks.

What style of martial arts will my child be learning?

Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Kali, Grappling (While style is important, the most important thing to consider when choosing a martial arts school is, does the instructors not only teach my child how to deference themselves but also how to apply the life lessons taught in each and every class.)

Will my child become a bully?

No. (Our staff works closely with parents to address each child’s needs. We are very clear about the expectations of a martial arts student. That expectation paired with a culture of caring and social responsibility, your child is more likely to become a helper, a mediator, and a leader during times of conflict.

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