Premier Martial Arts teaches more than martial arts techniques – we empower our students and change lives. Hear from happy students and parents and see just how impactful martial arts can be in your life.

We are immensely thankful to have discovered this place. Our child has been a part of this community for a year, and the level of discipline, patience and kindness shown by the PMA instructors has been exceptional. Their dedication to teaching is truly commendable. Throughout this year, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation in our child, both in terms of skill and character, under the guidance of PMA. We want to extend our special appreciation to Mr. McNeal for his unwavering understanding and his consistent willingness to support and assist our child. Thank you, PMA, for being such a positive influence on our child's growth and development.
Suhei De Bernardis
Good classes so far. The Sensei is very patient with the Littles ones.
Alfonso Savage
My son loves his lessons!
Rodrigo Gonzalez
I go here and I love mrs.brenda!!!sadly a coach left☹️.But over all,I love this place it feels like home.❤️
Leyla Saenz Martinez
My child has learned so much at PMA oak ridge! Would definitely recommend!
Natasha Mclemore
My son (6) and husband both attend Black Belt Training here. Cooper and team have been amazing with both. They are helpful with problem solving around our sometimes chaotic schedules when things come up which happens as my husband is a business owner. My son is learning martial arts but he is also learning self control and respect. He looks forward to days he is coming for martial arts. Everyone teaches with patience but also holds the kids accountable. It’s pretty awesome.
Megan Bennett
I’ve been bringing my children here for a few weeks and it’s amazing! Jessica is a really great instructor, she’s tough but kind and professional and really knows her stuff. I can already see a change in my children for the better. I can’t wait to see how much they will grow in the weeks to come. I would definitely recommend these classes for both adults and children.
Elisha Floyd
My daughter and her friend recently joined PMA and we have been so impressed by their progress and how patient and fun the teachers are! They are always punctual and the classes are always so productive.
Larina Pierce
Highly recommend PMA! Love Instructor Jameson - he’s tough but he’s as real world as it gets.
Susan Hang
Highly recommend PMA at this Chandler location! Not only do they teach martial arts skills, they also focus on different virtues and character traits every month to encourage students to become well-rounded people. My kids have been in the program for over a year, they have learned so much. They have fun while building confidence and learning how to respect. Head instructor Luis is amazing! He has a passion for martial arts and you can tell from how he treats his students. He is willing to work with us as a team for our kids. It really makes us feel like a part of the family =)
Christy Angeles
the coaches are all very friendly and professional, my kids love the classes and they are always looking forward to it!
Kellina Tango
It has been a while since I have taken Martial Arts and I loved it and had a blast . The instructors were great and patient with me being so much older. I say this Dojo would be great for any age!
Love I put my grandsons in here. They are nice and are very patient with them. Recommended for any age. Thanks
Terri W
Started classes here from ground zero as in way overweight, out of shape & low on energy. Since then I've managed to lose some weight, increase muscle tone and gain energy while testing my limits, learning self defense among other things. The instructors do a great job teaching the fundamentals and correct your form when needed. The friendships I have built are phenomenal as we are all enduring the tougher lessons together lol. I still have a bit to go to hit my goals and I can't think of a better way or better group to be with on my way there. I'm not the biggest fan of exercise yet they make it fun and tolerable. My only regret is I didn't start sooner.
Tabitha Ely
Instructor Jameson is terrific with connecting and engaging with my daughter and her class with his energy, skills, professionalism and humor. We have been part of the PMA family for about 7 months, and we are very pleased with the development we have seen in our daughter to date!
Lonnie McLean
I recently enrolled my son into this martial arts program and so far am very impressed with everything. Mainly I'm impressed by the instructors ability to push the kids to there limits without being overbearing. When you first come inside the facility is very inviting and a friendly atmosphere. I would recommend this program for anyone with children that need a physical activity and something to build there character upon.
Jason Davis
Jameson is honestly the best instructor I have ever seen. My 7 year old loves him, and he is always there for him no matter when he needs him. I love his energetic personality.
Life of Ahi
Instructor Jameson is great!! Very passionate about teaching kids martial arts!
Markia Hearst
I highly recommend Premier martial arts. Mr. Malone and Mr. Kevin are just the perfect Duo. I couldn’t be more happy my son has been there for quite a few months now and what a difference in his behavior and discipline. Truly recommend.
Denise Heinrich
Premier Martial Arts is the BEST place to learn and hone your skills! Knowledge and friendly staff, reasonable prices, and great facility! My nephews and nieces love it at Premier!
Christopher Yatsuk
Great school. My child has gained confidence, physical strength, technique, and life skills. Can't thank Coach Robert and Coach Alejandro enough for their time and dedication.
Farah Rashid
5 Stars all around! Started coming over the summer and already see an improvement in my 5 year olds focus and determination! Will absolutely recommend to everyone we know.
Jordan Nigro
The coaches are excellent and truly dedicated to student development. The curriculum is great and the location is nice. I 10000% recommend PMA if you want your child to acquire discipline and life skills in a nurturing, fun environment
Brandy Obvintsev
If you thought PMA Morrisville was just for the kids, think again! It is an absolutely great place to bring your child or teenager to help build self confidence, focus, agility, and kindness, and learn how to defend themselves if/whenever a situation may present itself. They teach the students self-discipline and knowing how to handle and deal with their own emotions and others’ emotions and how to interact and treat themselves and others with grace. The real gem is the adult kickboxing class!! It is the real deal!! Come in there ready to give some sweat equity! Mr. Malone is patient, kind, motivating, and can help you push yourself in ways you never thought you could. We went over self defense tactics, how to be practical and use your head if a situation arises and how to be confident no matter our fitness levels. He’s a very methodical, good and experienced teacher, coach, and mentor. You have to come and experience it. You won’t be disappointed!
S. Cannon
PMA is a great place!
Johnathan Turner
**UPDATE** We experienced 4 months of amazing karate instruction for my son. Then the pressure to upgrade to black belt was applied and of course I caved since my son was doing so well and wanted to give it a go. Now the dojo is closing and no refund is in sight. We never received all of my son's equipment, schedules changed with out communication, and nothing was anyone's responsibility. Highly dissatisfied. If you are looking for structure, high energy and self defense training for yourself or your children Premier Martial Arts -Arcadia is the perfect choice! In two weeks my child is living the Karate Creed and focusing on self discipline.
Brandi Reed
We are so happy with this school and all our son is learning. The instructors are so supportive in class and with texts and encouraging mail throughout the week. This group has been a blessing to our son, and we are so grateful he gets to learn and have fun here!
Ashlee Korte
Great program!!
Makay Ty
This is such a good martial arts school and the instructors are so good with the kids!
Madison West
My daughter absolutely loves the instructors here. I have seen a major difference in her behavior at home too. She is learning to follow instructions and to think before reacting.
dreama brant
So amazing! These instructors are great at what they do! They are professional and hold students accountable, but they also remember that they are teaching people, especially kids. They genuinely care about each student not just as a martial artist, but as a person, and they have always worked with us as parents when we need it most. All of the black belt students we have come across have been super willing to help out another student who needs it too. Love these guys!
Amber McDonald
That Cooper Dude Is Cool
Matt West
This has been such a great experience for my daughter! The instructors are knowledgeable, organized, and absolutely fantastic with the kids as well!!
Keitra Steele
PMA has been wonderful for my son! He has grown and learned so much already! They are fantastic! Definitely recommend!
Holly Johnson
My son William goes here and we love it! The instructors have all been friendly and the class is structured. He is excited everytime he gets a new belt!
Britney McG
Awesome place! Mr. Malone and Mr. Kevin are an awesome duo and really love what they do, they are impacting the youth in the community. I enrolled my 9yo in the black belt class. I have saw a huge difference in her behavior, discipline, motivation and confidence level. They also offer opportunities for the parents to interact with the students. I had the opportunity to interact with my daughter in Mr. Malone's class this past weekend, I was truly impacted and plan to participate each week. Thank you all for your service.
Tephanie Darden
My daughter loves learning here and has had great success in managing her own emotions at home from self discipline skills she has learned during class. We love it!
Karli Stewart
I am so excited to have finally found the right martial arts school for my son Sebastian. He has been learning amazing self defense skills as well as a combination of different styles from Karate to Kickboxing. More importantly as a mom, I have witnessed the positive change in his behaviour at home and school. He is more patient, disciplined and has shown a greater sense of respect for his sister and us. I highly recommend you check out this place. PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS in Doral. The staff is simply amazing and very caring for my child.
Natalie Alegria
My kids absolutely love this martial arts studio! We’ve been going for over a year and my kids have learned so much about self defense and self discipline. The instructors truly have a vested interest in each kid and they meet them at their individual levels. As an added perk, they offer classes for the parents on Saturdays.
Marie Williams
I love that every instructor takes time for our daughter who is a beginner. She came in very nervous and anxiousness. They made her feel comfortable, confident and take the needed time to help improve the skills taught. An extra thank you to Mr. Malone for the adult cardio class.
Linda Cooley
I absolutely LOVED bringing my son here. Master Parker is very friendly, and shows the kids discipline and respect! He's funny and jokes with the kids but shows them when it's time to be serious. Master Ricky is very sweet with the kids. Unfortunately, we moved to Lakewood and the distance and schedules are what keep us from being able to go back. But I definitely recommend this place! They didn't charge me after my son didn't go for a few weeks and I let them know we had to leave. I read a review here where a parent said he grabbed them by their collars and throws them ? Let me just say, I've never witnessed any hostility that made me worry about my son. Again, these guys are GREAT! LOVE YALL, AND WILL DEFINITELY MISS YALL! They have classes for 3 and 4 year Olds, which is what we were attending.
Fernando Rosales
We really love the people who work here. The classes are fun and you are able to learn so much. We truly appreciate how well they teach. We’ve been taking our daughter here for a year and I can’t express how grateful we are to see the discipline and growth we see in her. Sifu Manny has taught her self discipline and how to protect herself. If you want your child to learn how to protect themselves and have fun at the same time then this is the place to go.
Clare Hendricks
It is a good place for children
hugo diaz
Mr. Robert is doing an awesome job as an instructor. The course contents are also fun, practical, as well as educational.
Anastasia Y. Xin
Coach Brian is fantastic with kids of all ages. My son’s discipline has improved dramatically and he loves going to class every week. We love this place.
Eli Anderson
I go to Premier Martial Arts as a black belt trainee and I find the place really helpful. I thought I didn't need it, but it really helps. Not only strength and awareness, but it's also helping me in self defense.
Syona Indugula
Great place! My son absolutely loves attending classes here. The instructors do a fantastic job with the kids, not just teaching them martial arts but that character matters too. They are intentional with each student so they feel important.
Amber Pepple
Best martial arts place.
Indira Manzanarez de Alvarado
PMA is a great place for the kids to learn Martial Arts and very clean! The Sensei’s are Awesome and make the classes fun while teaching 😊
april gomz
Awesome place!!!
Emilee Stein
Premier Martial Arts Studio is an incredible place for kids to grow not just in martial arts skills, but in character as well. Our son has been attending classes in Plantation studio for the past few years, and the transformation we've seen in him is remarkable. The instructors are not only highly skilled but also exceptionally patient and caring. They create a positive and nurturing environment where kids feel encouraged to push their limits and build self-confidence. The emphasis on discipline, respect, and teamwork has had a profound impact on our son's behavior, both at the studio and at home. Both Plantation and Weston facilities are clean and safe training areas. They offer a variety of classes and schedules, making it convenient for parents with busy lifestyles. Overall, we couldn't be happier with Premier Martial Arts. It's more than just a place for martial arts; it's a place where children grow physically and mentally while having a blast. We highly recommend it to any parent looking for a fantastic martial arts program for their child. Dragana & Milan
Dragana Culum
A great place for my niece and nephews! They love it!
Samantha Eguia
If you’re looking for an amazing Martial Arts place I highly recommend this one! My cousins love it here!
Alexis Watts
PMA is a great martial arts studio. They are fantastic and patient with the kids and teach them discipline as well as the physical training.
Suesan Skavdahl
My nephews and niece go here and they have a blast!
This is a well maintained establishment. The instructors teach discipline, focus, determination, accountability, and more. Give this place an opportunity! You’ll be happy and so will your kid(s).
Raymond C
The confidence that martial arts gives to children is so amazing. I am so glad that these kids get to learn from such caring individuals. Highly recommend
Samantha Scotch
This is such a great extracurricular activity and we love this studio. My sons friends love their lessons and it comes highly recommended!
Miranda Signore
Nick is amazing with kids. My son absolutely loves coming here! Lonnie is super sweet too and Ben is great to work with.
Linda Fragassi
We have nothing but positive things to say about Premiere! We came here on the recommendation of a longtime friend and have been incredibly impressed. Coach Matt has infectious energy and is PHENOMENAL with kids. How he does it consistently is beyond me! The dojo has become like family. Both my 5 yr old and 8yr old say this is their favorite activity over any other sport and they especially love learning weapons! The kids don't just learn martial arts- they learn self- defense, discipline, respect, and are expected to behave at home and school as well in order to progress.
Maren Chen
One of the greatest jobs I’ve had. It’s a pleasure working for the owners and helping all who come through the door.
Randy XB00MIN1
Coach Mike and the whole staff is excellent non judgemental and fair kid is autistic n bigger than the other kids but they treat him with inclusion and that's what I like
Sharon w
Mr Warren is very good at teaching kids, all the staffs are very nice. My son loves this place!
Wonderful staff and teachers! They are amazing with the kids!
Erica Oatman
Amazing place and amazing people working here. They really know how to get in touch with kids. Is our 3rd lessons here and I already see changes in my son’s behaviors. Definitely recommend it.
Ecaterina Rusu
Very nice folks. Even though I have zero experience they took their time showing me the basics without me feeling awkward or out of place... Update: I'm still here! Even though I'm still wet behind the ears I'm improving every week with help from the instructors and my classmates and it's still a blast!
Donald Murphy
My kids attended a birthday party here and we ended up coming back for a class, now they're on their way to becoming black belts. The people here pour their hearts into all they do and it shows beyond the mat. 10/10 highly reccomend💯
Linda Rand
Premier Martial Arts has really helped my children. They are stronger, more focused and greater stamina in a short time. Our 11 year old once gave up on taekwondo few years ago, she was very reluctant to try martial arts. We pushed her to give it a shot and now she's in black belt training. I totally recommend it.
ajita muppalaneni
I love this school, it’s such a nice environment for the children the instructors are awesome. Since my daughter started attending this school I noticed an improvement with her self esteem, and her listening skills 😉
Lisa Robinson
Signed both our young girls up during a summer special. Gear and uniform required were included in the special and ended up being free when you purchased 6 months of instruction. The girls are enjoying the program. The leaders are AMAZING with the kids, even on days when the kids lose focus or lack energy. The discipline and respect are coming, even in my 5 & 7 year olds. I highly recommend checking out the program to see if your kid might have an interest. They also do birthday parties and parents night out events!
Erin McCalla
Absolutely love Premier Martial Arts!! They came to our school and my boy absolutely loved it!! We ended up signing him up and it’s has been nothing but amazing since. Ms. Kelsey is very sweet and attentive to the parents. Always willing to work with our family from scheduling to any questions. Mr. A is an A+ MA teacher! The amount of discipline, attention, work, and love that goes into each class and student is incredible. It’s is noticeable. I honestly didn’t think my son would be this into MA but here we are. We come every day that we can and he has never had more passionate about a life goal! So thank you Premier Martial Arts. I am so excited to see what MA does for my sons future!
Yesika Ingraham
Really good experience of learning MMA! the trainer is versatile patient and kind! would definitely recommend if anyone wants to try out mma, I was a first timer with no experience so if you have none it’s okay! the monthly classes are also adorable and reasonable.
Jonathan Adams
An amazing experience and community. Everyone is welcome into the PMA Family. Every instructor is great. Love the chance to be able to learn from each one, and how instructors and more experienced students encourage you. I'm a beginner and have learned so much in my short time. Looking forward to my journey with them!!!
Teresita Tamaharini Vancio
We always have a great time in class. The staff is great and the owners were very friendly and helpful! Kids love it and they are learning so much!
Lauren Moates
Even though it was just his first class, my kiddo is very shy…but he came out of his shell and mr.Caleb was awesome! He was patient and kind and made my kiddo excited to learn karate moves and be excited to practice for the next class!
Crystal wagner
Helped me work on my defensive skills and got a great workout in with great people!!
Caitlyn Maynard
My son has been a student for almost three years. He has had a great experience since joining the school. He loves the interactions with the students and instructors. I see many positive benefits from his training.
My son has VERY high energy and for this to keep him occupied and staying positive was just the best experience ever! Highly recommend and never want to leave!
Ashley Hinds
I love this place!! Premier Martial Arts has helped me so much with the classes I’ve taken. My confidence has boosted, my energy, and the team couldn’t be better. Everyone there is so kind and welcoming, a true family environment!!
Kiana Moreno
My son looks forward to class every week. I think we will be staying here for a while. Very good with little children too. Updated: As a martial artist myself I wanted to find a good place for my son. Not just a place that taught the physical but the mental aspects as well. As he is on the spectrum and at times nonverbal I did not know how it was going to go. In the 7 months he has been going here he has started talking and making friends. He has even started seeing "yes sir". During one of the huddle topics the topic of responsibility came up. My son is four and I figured it would go over his head. That's okay, he has plenty of time to learn. Later that night my wife and I were discussing things and the word responsibility came up. My son asked about it referencing Sensi Harrison. We were able to incorporate our son into our family conversations. That's worth any amount of money. My son looks forward to class every Monday and Wednesday. He feels he has learned a lot and comes home and shows us what he's learned (even tho we are there for class). Joining here has been one of the best decisions we have made and will be here for a long time.
Orion Pax
Granddaughter is gaining confidence. We are pleased with the mental instructions more so than physical. KatieAnn loves PMA.
Lynn Huskey
Hands down the best instructors, owners, and atmosphere. If ANYONE in Chattanooga is looking for a place to learn martial arts (children OR adult) I highly recommend Premier!
Kaitlyn Watson
Awesome place !!kids love it here ,friendly staff .Highly recommend
Sandy Dicharo
Absolutely the best! Sifu Jacob brings the energy every single time! I have seen significant improvement in my 3 year old as far as discipline, focus, and leadership. I’m so impressed and a proud mom. I would give this place 10 stars if I could.
Nickie Duhon
This place is excellent, from being welcome and greeted in by Vickie… to the perfect instruction and workout by Terrell… my experience here was first class. I will be back and bringing my daughter with me on my next visit!
matt miller