Premier Martial Arts teaches more than martial arts techniques – we empower our students and change lives. Hear from happy students and parents and see just how impactful martial arts can be in your life.

My family and I have have been coming here for the past year. It's a great school for learning how to deal with real world situations for all ages. The school is really like a community where you get to come together and support others. If you're looking for classes to improve your overall health, strength, and in a great community led by great instructors, and kearn new skills, this is the place to be.
j adams
I must say that this studio is the best! They have a great program for all ages and really focus on personal growth and development for kids. The staff is highly trained and professional. Highly recommend.
Alex Gallegos
Love all the growth I have seen in my son since we began! Sensei John is awesome and great with the kids.
Christina Delgado
Great staff and was a great experience for my kids
Paul Evans
Highly recommend PMA of North Mount Pleasant! My son found something that he is passionate about and looks forward to going every week. The owner and coaches are all exceptional and great with the kids. PMA also hosts birthday parties where your child is an honorary black belt for the day, breaks a board, and cuts the cake with a real sword - my son absolutely loved his martial arts party!
Katie Rohrer
My fiance and I went in to take a look around and see what they offer. The staff was so inviting, friendly, and full of information. They offered free trial classes. My fiance went back that evening. He enjoyed it so much that he signed up for a class.
Eryn Pressley
I recently enrolled myself and my child at Premier Martial Arts, and I must say that the experience has been nothing short of amazing. What truly sets this place apart is the incredible instructor, Bennett, who has made a lasting impact on both the kids and adults attending his classes. For the younger students, Bennett uses innovative teaching methods that incorporate fun and engaging activities, while still instilling important values such as respect, discipline, and self-confidence. As an adult student, I've had the privilege of experiencing Bennett's expertise firsthand. His technical knowledge and attention to detail are outstanding. He breaks down complex techniques into manageable steps, ensuring that everyone in the class can grasp the fundamentals effectively. Bennett creates an inclusive environment where adults can push their limits, improve their fitness, and gain Valuable conclusion, Premier Martial Arts is an exceptional place to train self-defense skills.
Naresh Chittamur
After 6 months of convincing our son that he would really like and enjoy martial arts, he finally agreed to try it. 1 month later and has been accepted into the Black Belt Training program at PMA Powell, TN. Mr. Luke and Mr. Bailey are incredibly good with the kids. They make each one feel like they’re a part of something. They’re very patient with the young ones and do an amazing job. Thank you for helping my son realize his potential and helping him rise up to be a little better everyday!
Josh Risner
My son is a student and we celebrated his birthday at the studio it was a great experience 10 out of 10
Patrick Myers
Eight year old grandson has been with Premier for two years. He is really loving the program and has found a lot of confidence and the structure has been wonderful for him. The staff there are super people and friendly. They really are interested in having the students succeed. Highly recommend PMA.
Rob Cornwell
We love premier martial arts. My son, who often struggles to stay focused, is learning great technical skills along with skills to help him focus. He also loves Sensai John who is a fantastic teacher. It’s a great workout for the body and the mind.
Casandra Leitch
Great staff, great training for all ages. Builds confidence, discipline, and respect for themselves and others. Highly recommend. .
Jim Sinnott
My grandson can be a handful but Mr Randy and Mr Matt are amazing with him. As a retired school teacher I love everything about Premier Martial Arts Central Concord. The best life lessons you could want for your child.
Angela Morton
I began with PMA as a “Me Too“ but quickly transformed into a “NEVER AGAIN“! This dojo offers my son & me far more than just black belt training. They offer their hearts. Thank you, PMA Flower Mound, for your understanding, support and encouragement.
Erica Boehmer
Fun place for kids martial arts!
Milind Pawar
absolutely love this place. My son is 4 and is all about karate, wrestling and boxing. This staff here are amazing with the kids. He has a blast, it's fun and as a parent it's super entertaining to watch as well. So happy we signed him up for the classes, we love it! Thank you Premier Martial Arts!
Josh S.
Great atmosphere for the family. Highly recommend it for everyone!!
dhaval patel
Sensei John is very good with kids teaching self discipline and they have a great time!
Juan David Maz
Really enjoy the dojo and Sensei John.
Adriano Rebelo
I go to premier martial arts in marbrogh and I think it is amazing I have learned a lot there are two private classes to learn the basics and then you are in the real class it is so amazing
Chrissy king
We visited 3 different martial arts schools to look for the best one for our daughter so she can learn self defense. When we had our trial in Premier Martial Arts, we signed her up right on the spot! We liked how they treat their students and how they train them! So far so good, our daughter is on her way to get her purple belt. The coaches are very patient and knowledgeable! We love everyone in there from the coaches to owners and even the parents and the children! My daughter looks forward to every session! Our journey continues and glad we made the right decision!
Jeline Paje
Every parent should realize how different the environment and the identity of people where their child is. there is no problem to worry about in this school, the work with the children is done at a good level and with care... thanks to all the staff...❤️
Sirun Bardugimosyan
Our daughter has been at PREMIER for a few months now and we are very happy with her progress. The coaches make the classes fun but also teach discipline. Not only are they learning karate skills but also life skills. We are very happy with our experience so far!
Maressa Richtmyer
My daughter loves the instructors and has a blast on every class
Kevin Smethie
I cannot say enough positive things about PMA Southlake. Instructors Ian, Michael, and Corbin are just phenomenal! They are clearly masterfully skilled in martial arts, and are able to simplify techniques and concepts down to a level where even a beginner such as myself can grasp. They are also extremely patient and dedicated, and it is obvious that they truly want each and every student to grow and improve. Would highly recommend PMA Southlake for anyone interested in learning martial arts!
My kids have been going here since they opened 2 years ago and they really enjoy it! The instructors and owner are great and everyone is very nice! They are learning discipline, self defense, focus, respect, and so much more!
Thuy Nguyen
PMA has been an excellent choice for our family! The instructors are the best and give the kids the attention they need to succeed in martial arts.
Allison Hernandez
My son attended a birthday party at Premier Martial Arts on Saturday. My husband and I were able to stay and watch from the seating area. The instructors were high energy and great with the kids. The action was non-stop. My son had a great time and wants to go back.
Andrea Lange
Would recommend to 🐊
Throww Awayy
We've been attending PMA for about 3 months now and we really like it, all the instructors are very friendly and professional. I can say I'm starting to see improvement in my daughter's behavior. Thank you!
Angelica Trejo
Awesome place my kid love learning from Ben.
Henry Lam
We have been pleasantly surprised with our experience at PMA! Our son loves going twice a week. Mr. Randy & Mr. Matt are so great with all the kids. They are professional, kind, clean, but most of all love to have fun with the kids. We also love that they offer parents night out too! Would highly recommend!
Darren Pallesen
Love this place
Brandon D
My son has only been enrolled at PMA for 2 months, but I already see a difference in his behavior. I see his growth in self-discipline, self-control, and confidence with this program. Instructor Santos knows every student by name and is amazing at managing the class. Thanks PMA FloMo!
Anna Secundino
Came for a birthday party, staff was great with the kids and our children enjoyed it very much. So much they are interested in coming back!
Chris Kulka
We love PMA! The care and attention they have given my son in unmatched and I cannot recommend them highly enough!!
Sara Merar
Premier Martial Arts Flower Mound is awesome. Instructors are wonderful. Mr Hedgepath and Mrs Hedgepath are very sweet!! We have been members since it first open up and have loved it from the start !! Premier Martial Arts Flower Mound is the place to go for Martial Arts
Judy Pedroza
great place and builds confidence in kids…highly recommended
Varun Agrawal
We love Premier Martial Arts in Davidson! The lessons are fun and teach respect!
Carrie Morgan
We love premier martial arts flower mound. The staff are always so welcoming, sincere in their leadership roles, and very caring. They have really helped my son on his journey to becoming a black belt. I couldn't ask for a better family to be apart of.
Jernedra Williams
We absolutely love this place, the first free class is one-on-one class and they let the kid know what is the expectation, what should be the behavior, and teach them the basics, and some cool moves. I have a 3 year old as well with autism and they have been very patient with him when some times he doesn’t want to take the class they treat him with love. The teachers are very sweet and competitive on what they do, I totally recommend this martial arts school
nayeli pelaez
My daughter has been going here since they first opened their doors. I have seen such a change in her little self as she grows in strength and in mind. I would recommend this studio to anyone.
Tina Mallam Hare
I come to class at premiere martial arts and I want a free shirt so I’m posting a review, overall it’s really fun and everyone is so nice and helpful
Xyon Lites
We are only 3 weeks in with my 3 kiddos but already seeing a difference in attitudes/respect in class and at home! Thanks Premier Martial Arts for encouraging respect, focus, exercise, self defense and just having fun!
Joanne Taber
We enrolled our son at PMA about a year and a half ago. We could not be happier. Our son is about to be a brown belt. He thoroughly enjoys instructors Alex, Dos Santos and Shaw. They are great instructors who really care about the children they teach. The technique and self discipline he has learned during his time at PMA has me so impressed! He can’t wait to earn his black belt and I have no doubt he will get there!
Pamela Cowan
Great experience every practice for our kids who are getting confidence to theirselves.
Laura Requena
My son just started with PMA in Powell 2 weeks ago. The instructor (Luke) is a great guy. He teaches not only the physical attributes of self defense, but also the self respect and discipline of oneself, as well as respect towards others. I would recommend Premier Martial Arts to anyine that is looking for self defense instruction. Top nitch facility!!
David Herbert
Earned , not Given, Never give up till the belt turns Black congratulations
My boys LOVE the program and they have learned alot! Coach Carlos is the BEST.
Candace Stewart
Premier martial arts is great, the instructors are awesome and it’s not just for kids it’s for everyone who wants to learn a new skill from a great group.
katie and henrik aittola
The teen class is great!
Michelle Mattaliano
Love this Martial Art Acadam. Everyone wonderful!
Evelyn Rivera
We love Premier Martial Arts and sensei Jon. It's been great for our 5 yr old!
Nes Yilmaz Masten
Es excelente
Beatriz Gomez
Premier Martial Arts in Encino has been wonderful for my son. It has taught him discipline, respect, and positivity. He was able to perform a martial art routine at his school’s talent show. I definitely recommend enrolling your kiddos here. The coaches are great and the kids truly enjoy their classes.
Vanessa Cubias
I can’t thank Sensei John and the staff at PMA enough! In just the few sessions we’ve been to with my daughter I can see so much growth in her. She leaves every class with a smile on her face! They are dedicated to the sport they provide and make sure every student is included and strive to reach their best. If only Google would let me give more than 5 stars, PMA is off the charts in excellence!
Stephanie Guyll
My experience with Premier martial arts has been great so far. I just started two weeks ago but I have learned a lot. Thank you.
Mindy Smith
Great class!
Amelia Peagler
My son absolutely loves it! He has learned and improved so much on his martial art skills! Loving fun environment! Great staff!
Zuly Briceño
Best Karate place in the world ive been a student here for 9 months wouldnt go anywhere else Logan
Kendra Ek
I love Premier Martial Arts! The teachers are kind, respectful, and are determined to help you achieve your dream as a black belt. Not only do we learn how to be hardworking martial artist, we also learn to be an excellent person. Joining this class has helped boost my confidence level, made me stronger, and made me proud of my skills. I would DEFINITELY recommend Premier Martial Arts!!! Also, Mr.Drew rocks!
Krishna Kumar
My son has enjoyed working with all the students and teachers. It is helping him come out of his shell. I have also done the extra lessons they give when available on weekends and it is a fantastic workout. Everyone is friendly and no issues communicating.
kayla ishihara
As an employee I love me message and the values we do our best to teach to the children. As an individual I greatly enjoy the adult classes. As a father my child loves it here and has fun every class.
1 2 (12)
I have two kids enrolled and it’s been about 5 months and I’m so proud of them. They are more self confident and disciplined now. They are more aware of being of service for others and they are so filled with pride after class. The instructors are great with kids and I’m so proud to see how much progress my kids have made since enrolling. Highly recommend!
Kimberly McGuire
This dojo is one of the best I ever been. The staff Mrs. Jasmin and Sensei’s John and Christ are the most wonderful and patience teachers ever. I recommend this Dojo 100% a proud Parent of Two students.
Jessica Velez
One of the best in town. I would give even 6 stars if possible for Mr.J and effort in teaching to kids is awesome. Glad I enrolled my kids here.
Vijay Ram
High quality interactions, instruction, and atmosphere. Consistent and uplifting environment.
Sarah S.
Professional teachers and well organized. They provide free 2 private sessions and karate uniform. I took my 3 year old and he simply enjoyed it.
Jaweed Ibrahim
Gran lugar para todos, desde los más pequeños, hasta los adultos, excelente ubicación y el estacionamiento bastante amplio, los maestros son muy buenos y amables con los niños
luis n
Great school great teachers
Josh Parise
Amazing place! Instructor Eli is great. My daughter has learned so much. The environment is for anyone from children to adults.
Beth Gar
I love this Martial Arts program. My son’s confidence has increased and seeing him not be shy with a group of friends is the best feeling. All the coaches are super nice and patient with the kids. I would strongly recommend this dojo to parents.
Cinthya Flores
Our experience has been nothing but amazing. Our son has learned so much from mental strength to physical strength. He continues to learn values and grow each week.
Rory Richards
Started coming to Steiner Ranch location since they first opened. Entire staff has been welcoming to beginners and accommodating to flexible schedules for parents. Both my children are developing confidence and the ability to protect themselves from bad guys. Highly recommend!!
Ryan Otto
My daughter has been going to Premier for almost 2 years now. I have seen such a change in her confidence and discipline since she started! She is even part of the Premier leadership program now, something I never imagined she'd be able to do as she has always had bad anxiety. The staff and instructors at the school are so friendly and good with the kids, especially Sensai Todd. He is not only extremely experienced and knowledgeable, but he shows how much he truly cares about each of the students and their well being. He is very understanding and really makes an effort to connect with his students and it really makes a difference. I am so grateful for Premier and the goals they have helped my daughter reach!
Nikki G
My son has only been attending here for a short time & already absolutely loves it here! He becomes so concentrated & in tune with the class, his confidence shines more than I’ve seen before. I’m so happy for him that he has found something he loves!
Ashlee Nelson
We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with PMA. Our two boys (ages 3 and 6) have been going here just over 6 months and there's been a noticeable transformation in both their mental and physical confidence as well as their respect for others and the ability to listen and follow directions. Initially it was intimidating for them but once they got past the fear of the unknown they felt right at home. Sensei Matt is great at keeping the kids focused and engaged, which any parent of children that age knows is a challenge. He keeps it fun but also disciplined. We would highly recommend this location when thinking about getting your children into martial arts.
Ben Kenobi
I have been working with PMA since the beginning of April, and let me just say it is the best job I have EVER had. Daysha and Jamel treat all of their employees like family, and their members even better. Sensei Otis spends time in every single class teaching the students incredible principles like self discipline and respect. His words towards the children are all out of pure love and compassion. He truly wants his students to succeed and it’s very obvious. Sensei Christian runs the show more than most people know, but you will never see him falter. He is INCREDIBLE with the students, especially the ones who are little more shy. Seeing him bring these children out of their shells brings me such joy. I truly enjoy watching the classes every single shift I work. Please consider PMA for all your martial arts needs!!!
Madison Robinson
My daughter has been coming to this karate class for over two months. She has not only developed significantly her martial art skills, but also her confidence and leadership. PMA has hands down the best instructors; patient, devoted and passionate. Looking forward to seeing my daughter continue with this school until she earns her black belt.
Fast Notary Service
Awesome, instructor Eli is the best and colt has learn so much this is the best martial arts class that I have seen... they work with student very well and colt looks up to his instructor Eli.. thank you so much
Katie Hood
We absolutely love it here! The instructors are great with kids. The atmosphere feels super inclusive. And my child is learning a ton of important life skills that will serve them well far into their future.
Michele Maughan
my daughter started her journey about 2 months ago and she absolutely loved it!!mr randy is a wonderful coach!!
Gunja Patel
My son has been going to PMA He is really enjoying it. The coaches and staff are really great Thank you.
sangwian Aunthirot
Impressed. The values taught at this location are the same values I see the owner practicing throughout his community. The programs encourage and teach leadership, self-respect, determination, and honor. What a way for adults and kids to build their self-esteem. If you were on the fence about martial arts, I’d highly recommend you speak with Tim. Five stars.
Jesse Hoptiak
This is an incredible class! The instructor Luke Byers is incredible at his job! He is very patient and awesome with any age! I highly recommend this location! I proudly go here and I will for as long as I can!
Nolan Corley
Over the past 2 years my son has improved his punches and kicks (from a little champs white belt to an orange belt). More importantly he has grown from one of the the new younger kids in his class that felt a bit intimidated - to being able to show other kids how to do some nunchucks and other skills. Sensi Brett has a leadership team of students that help him in class and greatly inspire the students to see themselves as future leaders. Thank you Sensi Brett, Sensi Dominic & of course Emi!