Premier Martial Arts teaches more than martial arts techniques – we empower our students and change lives. Hear from happy students and parents and see just how impactful martial arts can be in your life.

They truly care about the kids, teaching them karate and life skills. Very well structured and definitely worth every penny.
Serges Lemo
Our son loves it very much!! Looks forward to coming every Tuesday and Thursday night!!!
James Motl
My daughter, Sophia started with PMA about 3 months ago and she has grown mentally and has matured. She looks forward to every class. She does not only learn martial art techniques and self defense but learns how to be a better version of herself. This is a very disciplined black belt school and highly recommend it. -Diana Wall
We love Premier Buckhead!
Chang Ong
My 6 year old son has been attending this center for a few months now and loves it! The staff is amazing with the kids and soooo patient! They go over “words of the month” where they have discussed integrity, character, and self- discipline so far. They even host events and parties! If you’re worried about the commitment during the Summer months, they are really flexible with you! I highly recommend.
Zakiyya Vincent
Love with pma allen
Taras Ilika
PMA has been our best decision as parents. They make all classes fun, interactive, active (so yes kids come out exhausted, woho!), and lastly they actually care about the kids. Master Craig, Mr Gas, Mr Pervis, and Mr Caldwell are not only incredibly impressive at what they do, but they are caring teachers that are amazing role models for all the kids. They teach kindness, empathy, values, and core learnings that really accompany our values as a family perfectly.
Olga Guerra
We love them, they bring so much confidence, respect, discipline to my kids. I highly recommend them.
Christie Fraga
The atmosphere here is amazing and the staff are wonderful! I want to give a big shout out to Master Rashad though! You can tell he loves what he does and is good at it! He really brings a positive and encouraging energy that makes you want to come back! Truly a great martial arts school!
Danielle Moore
I can’t say enough good things about PMA Spring! The instructors are amazing and keep the students engaged and motivated. They create a safe place for kids to learn. The instructors work with the kids when they hit frustration walls and encourage them not to give up because they can do it! It’s amazing to see the students grow and learn new things and hit new goals. We just went to our first graduation and it was amazing and so fun to see how everyone has grown and celebrate all the hard work.
Jessica Blake
The staff at PMA Spring are patient and kind. They’re phenomenal instructors and owners. They have instilled confidence in my kids and taught them invaluable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives! Additionally they have been fantastic for working with my youngest with Autism (minimal needs) as well as instilling in both kids discipline, responsibility, etc.
Meredith Lundin
They've had some turn over but the new staff seems really good. They are great at communication and my son has never been so motivated.
Jaime Cruce
We transferred from another PMA program and they have been so welcoming and helpful with the transition Even meeting with our child 1-1 to help him feel more comfortable with the transfer
Valerie Taylor
I wish I'd found this school earlier. My two daughters take the same class with both Sensei Ty and Sensei Clovis. I can see a very positive impact both physically and mentally on my girls. Everyone should join!
Angel Lopez
Es una excelente escuela de artes marciales, muy dedicados al aprendizaje y la disciplina de los niños, con mucha dedicación y respeto hacia los niños y sus representantes. 100 por ciento recomendada.
Joseris Lugo
Excellent facility! The staff are patient yet firm (in the best way) with the kids, teaching them self-discipline, respect, self-confidence and more! My girls always leave sweaty and smiling!
Allyson Mecca
As an adult beginner, I was nervous about starting martial arts. Premier Martial Arts provided the perfect setting with classes that challenge and engage at every level. Sensei Harvey is a fantastic instructor!
Anyone passionate about martial arts should check out Premier Martial Arts. The blend of traditional techniques with innovative teaching makes every class worthwhile.
Yassar Ahmed
Charles, Kevin, and Marcus are the best instructors/ senseis. They keep the students motivated and in shape. They give one on one individualized attention for those they see that are falling behind. My son was a transfer student from Marietta, without hesitation, they made sure he fell in line with the rest of the class. They are Stern, genuine, and compassionate. The students respect them very much.
clarissa ottley
A truly great experience. Harun is my instructor and he is exceptional. I wish that I had started this years ago.
Frank Bifulco
Premier is a life saver for our daughter! She was pre-diabetic and with the work Ms Aly puts in the students, my daughter was able to stabilize her glucose levels with the exercises she pratices. The instructors and staff are truly amazing. Azaria has learn so many skills and self discipline being in this program. It's a "no brainer" to join. The staff is caring, understanding and creates a safe space for children. So come on and join the Premier's rewarding for your child AND for yourself!
Shayla Michel
This school has been excellent for both of my boys. I cannot properly express gratitude for the passion, love, and expertise infused into every lesson. I would highly recommend this particular location because of Sensei Eric and Sensei Russel who are phenomenal teachers and human beings.
Jessica Stacy
Sensei Nick, Coach Mike, and the entire staff are great teachers. They are patient but also push the kids. It’s been a great experience and has really brought out the best in our kids.
Jason Kruszewski
Had a great birthday party here for my martial-arts-loving 6 year old! All the kids had a blast, and there were lots of fun and special surprises for the birthday boy. Highly recommend.
Rachel R
BEST KARATE TEACHER EVER!!!!! Plus I'm always happy to come to class here!!!!!
Liz Mendoza
We love the instructors at this location. They really connect with the kids and show they care, adapting lessons to their individual needs. They are awesome!!!
Tara Barfield
Premier and Sensei Harvey have made a huge positive impact on my family. My daughters have gained confidence, skills and positive habits that will last with them for the rest of their lives
Michael Vogel
PMA is a place where kids not only learn discipline along with martial arts but Sensi Harvey teaches them how to be good citizens. They love and respect him and he teaches them to love and respect others. This has given my child a purpose and friendships that has enriched her life.
Shirley Douglass
We love the classes, coaches and whole experience.
Brigette O'Reilly
Belt Graduation day is the best day! It feels great to see the smiles on all the kids and their besties as they graduate to the next level belt. Especially with super duper fly super Sensei (nice kicks) watching over them. (Don’t cry Sensei) 🤘🏻
Michelle M
My niece attends Premier Martial Arts and she loves it. I attend every graduation. I love watching her perform what was learned. I would love to see more exhibitions from the sensei. Maybe sparring with you and Mason.
Nicky Logan
Thank you Johnson Development (Monica) and Premier Martial Arts for hosting a REALTOR event. It was a fun and great learning experience.
Carmelita Black - REALTOR Broker By eXp Realty LLC
This martial arts studio is awesome. Our daughter loves Sensei Harvey. She is learning life skills as well as the martial arts. The whole staff is great - very friendly and responsive.
Sean Moody
Great martial arts school. I really enjoy the discipline that Sensei Harvey instills in the kids.
Orlando Gutierrez
My son loves it here!
Angelica Faith
I’m always excited to be in class. Sensei Harvey always makes class enjoyable! He is the best!! ❤️❤️
Rachel Mitchem
Great classes, my guys love it. Help support PMA
Michael Kristula
Everything has been wonderful since joining. The staff are great people, the lessons have been fun while maintaining a fair level of discipline, and the facilities are always clean and neat. And most importantly, my child is enjoying being there.
Craze Of Glory
Our 3 kids have been attending class for nearly 2 years and absolutely loving it! Sensei Harvey keeps the kids coming back and wanting to excel. Even I, attend class with my 15 year old and look forward to our martial arts time together each week.
Tracy Hodge
Have been with Premier for two years and we couldn’t being happier. Thank you Sensei Harvey and Adam for everything you do on a daily basis.
Great experience - sensei and staff are wonderful
Tara Marszewski
Premier has a great program that my daughter is really happy to be apart of. I have seen her respect for others grow and also recognized her generosity and kindness to others. Keep it up, ty
m b
Love this place…super encouraging, confidence building environment!
Chris Hannah
Love this place. Sensei Harvey truly cares about his students and has a perfect blend of firmness and nurturing in his teaching style. He helps make my kids better people.
Michael Giovingo
Sensei Harvey is a Great Teacher. Adriel Smiles Everytime there is class and I just love that smile on him all the time Thank You 😊
Mayra Silva
Exceptional, from start to finish. All staff are personally committed to providing a great learning experience for the students.
Mary Biniewcz
Sensi Harvey is the best!!!
michelle nero
The instructor is very good communicating with the small children
demetrous white
Harvey, Adam and the whole team are fantastic
John Masterson
The best place to go! Sensei harvey is the greatest!
Cesar Barrera
I have 5 kids ranging from 6 to 17 in the classes. They all love it. We love to watch the classes too. The class is about an hour long and we have them in the black belt training program. It’s 15 extra minutes and they get to learn weapons. Harvey is so good with teaching the kids. Harvey has become part of our family. The kids feel comfortable with coming to him and talking about school and whatever they are struggling with at the moment. He’s great. Martial arts has helped build the kids confidence and has helped with obedience and respect. I totally recommend this place for anyone. They even have classes for adults 😉
Stephanie Mendoza
We love Sensei Harvey
Susan Slimack Laurenti
Great class, great instructors and over all very motivating and empowering environment
My grandson loves going here!
Linda Shinsako
The sensei here is incredible, if your thinking about doing martial arts, this is your place!
Erin Hannah
Sensei Harvey is great! He has taught my girls so much. Since being at PMA, my daughters have more confidence in themselves and around others. I would definitely recommend PMA Hinsdale to all! You are part of one big happy family here.
Luz Perez
The best instructor in the world
George Heidemann
Sensei Harvey is amazing. He is great with the kids. My son has grown so much in the few months he has been there.
Cassie Sater
Premier Martial Arts has been a great experience for my two sons. We've been attending this facility for almost 3 years. They teach applicable self defense skills. The instructors have all been very professional and they seem to have an innate ability to deal with children in a positive and respectful manner. The kids are taught in a way that they can comprehend. The criticism they receive is delivered in a positive way and aimed toward developing and improving their skills. PMA also offers additional training including premier training that teaches contemporary karate, katas and weapons, they offer a demonstration team giving the kids an outlet to showcase their skills, and they offer a leadership program that allows kids to learn to be instructors. Overall we have been happy with PMA, the owners and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a positive martial arts experience.
Ben Nance
Premier Martial Arts is an excellent business that operates with a high degree of care. Their instructors are fantastic, and do a great job communicating with and teaching kids!
Quartus Graves
My daughter loves this dojo and the instructors. I appreciate the discipline Sensei Johnathan instils in his students. The instructors at PMA care for their students and it shows. They have brought out the best in my daughter.
Ada James
Mr Porfirio Sanchez and Mr Michael Rodriguez are the best martial arts instructors. My eleven year old son has been attending for a year and a half and he loves his classes. He came from a different school and PMA Woodforest was so good to honor his black belt from Kenpo karate. He is in the advanced black belt classes as well as the leadership and demo classes. He gets excellent one on one instruction. These guys make learning martial arts fun and interesting. Right now my son is finishing his six month apprenticeship teen black belt program. He is enthused to keep going. The school is all about being one team, one family.
Elaine Javier
Staff polite and friendly. The class is well organized and the instructor has knowledge. My kid loves it and enjoys the classes with Mr. Bell and before Mr. Massey (sorry no good writing names 🙂 ) the place is clean and have a space for parents to sit and wait for the kids finish their class. Also you can celebrate the b'day there.
Jenny V
My kid loves it here. They’re great at teaching not only Karate but self confidence, kindness and teamwork.
Hank P
Great school with great instructors especially for kids
My family loves this school. My daughter have learn a lot from them. We do not stop going even during summer time. 🥋🏆♥️
Marcia L. Sanchez
Best place to learn karate in Johns Creek. Master teaches the kids techniques that are required for earning next belt in a way that it seems fun and playful to them. Master skillfully shows all the routines and is extremely considerate and aware of every small kid’s physical ability. We look forward to our classes and appreciate the team managing PMA-JC. The whole team is very encouraging and they work with parents in every possible way. I definitely recommend this place.
Isha Mam
From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed by the friendly staff and a supportive community. The facilities are clean, well-maintained, and equipped with everything needed for comprehensive martial arts training. What sets Premier Martial Arts apart is their commitment to personal development. They not only teach valuable self-defense techniques but also emphasize confidence, respect, and perseverance. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my fitness level, self-esteem, and overall well-being since joining. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, Premier Martial Arts offers a program that will challenge and inspire you. I highly recommend Premier Martial Arts to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental health while learning practical self-defense skills.
Roderick Hunnicutt
Un orgullo ver a mi nieto como fue comprometiendose en esta disciplina la cual brinda respeto y autoconfianza. Una gran experiencia para niños y jovenes.
Alicia Guerrieri
recommended 100%
Hermoso lugar !!!!!!
Guillermo Carrio
My son has had such an improvement since going here! He’s been going since he’s 3 years old and he loves it! Amazing staff too 🥰
Vanessa Price
Great place to get kids used to self defense! They teach kids with care and my son looks forward to his weekly classes!
alper duran
After searching and trying out several martial arts places around Aventura, North Miami, Sunny Isle I finally found this place. Besides having an excellent location with its own parking and being close to everything, the attention and the program they develop with the children here are excellent. It's the first school I've encountered where they genuinely care about helping the students, taking into account their individual differences and needs. Impeccable!
Luz Marina Gomez Giraldo
This program did a lot to help my child in confidence, physical ability, and respect. Here is a photo of the graduation ceremony for him and another achieving their first black belt rank.
Chris Mouw
Really awesome place and great Birthday parties!
Zachary Higgins
We have been coming to this school for three years and our kids have learned so much. Martial arts and life skills
Kelly Rodriguez
For the past three years, I have been bringing my children to this establishment. It has proven to be an exceptional environment for their development and has provided them with the most positive of experiences.
Paul Marshall
My Daughter Hadley has been going here for years, the leadership skills and skills she has learned make me feel safer for her as she grows more and more.
Josh Christie
Great school, very focused and thorough!
Roddy Palma
Mr Josh is great. Very nice and encouraging establishment. I would recommend
The best place for my son. We tried two before this and this is our home and is incredible the owner ‘s relationship with us.
Cecilia Pugliese
Excelente academia, estoy muy feliz de saber que mi hijo esta aprendiendo defensa personal, disciplina y adquiriendo la confianza y habilidades que le ayudaran a ser un hombre seguro de si mismo, tambien estoy feliz de tener un instructor de habla hispana (Mr. Sanchez) que ademas de tener mucha paciencia y dedicacion con los niños siempre esta dispuesto a ayudarme y orientarme en las cosas que no entiendo en ingles, Mr. Rodriguez es un gran instructor en esta nueva etapa de mi hijo ( black belt junior) , con mucha pedagogia y frescura juvenil. 😉
Tatiana Moreno
My son has been taking lessons for over 2 years and he loves it! The coaches promote a positive attitude and his confidence and focus has dramatically improved.