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Premier Martial Arts teaches more than martial arts techniques – we empower our students and change lives. Hear from happy students and parents and see just how impactful martial arts can be in your life.

Our daughter has been a student at PMA Richmond for nearly a year now in the black belt program. She loves her time at class and we can see her confidence continuously building. The coaches are supportive and very patient. We look forward to enrolling our son in the next year.

Rebecca Nouhan

I want to give a huge shout out and appreciation for Sensei Dominick at the Carmel, Indiana location. Since my son has been working with him, I've seen the change within my son. He now truly looks forward to class, learning the material and all around the studio seems better with him. Sensei Dominick has a great attitude and really teaches them proper techniques and discusses topics regarding self awereness, discipline and many more for off the mat! Thank you Sensei Dominick for creating a wonderful environment and being exactly what is needed here!!


Place is great for building growth in kids in several areas. Randy is a great instructor !

James DeBoer

We've had a great experience so far. My daughter just joined a few months ago and is loving classes, and the instructor and support staff are all so positive.

Brandy Aldrich

I started here in early August and I immediately loved it from the trial class. I signed up the same night as my trial class and have already felt such an improvement in my self discipline and training. I’ve learned so many useful self defense tactics and skills from various styles of the arts. Most importantly I love the instructors who really make this school great. They’re so encouraging and helpful and really care about their students learning and progression. Ms. Martin and Mr. Gonzalez really really care about their students and enriching their learning and you can tell everyday in class how passionate they are. I love learning here and working with them. Mr. Liles, the man who owns the school is also wonderful and really cares. It’s always an honor to learn new things from him and the instructors. They’re so helpful too when you don’t always get things at first. It feels like such a safe space to learn and grow. I really recommend this place as a martial arts school. I’ve learned so many fun new skills since being here!

Rowan Katrina

My daughter loves PMA. It has been fun to watch her maturity level grow along with her martial arts. She has been showing lots of responsibility and respect at home as a result of the expectations of being a ninja. The new instructor/owner, Mr. Mike, is fantastic. He is truly invested in these kids and it shows. I look forward to watching my daughter's passion for MA continue at this school with this instructor!

Erica Logan

Amazing MMA school. We love PMA-Cedar Park! Mr. Mike does such a great job with all the children. Fun and structured. My daughter has come a long way, from timid and shy to confident and disciplined.

Christine Careless

Mr. Dunn is a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. He is a 5th degree blackbelt in Jiu Jitsu under Jean Jacques Machado. The quality of instruction and attention to detail is world class. He personally teaches each class and would highly recommend him.

Joseph Shane

My four-year-old son struggled with behavioral challenges throughout preschool, and unfortunately, occupational therapy didn't provide much improvement. Seeking an alternative, we enrolled him at Premier Martial Arts to instill some discipline. Three months into the program, he has gone 35 days without a single outburst or tantrum at school. His teachers have noticed a significant improvement in his ability to listen and make positive decisions, crediting a drastic change in his behavior. I believe this transformation is largely due to Sensei Josh's influence. My son has embraced the rigorous discipline and is eagerly aiming for his black belt. The Little Champions program has been incredibly valuable, and we're hopeful for a spot in the PMA kids' program as he progresses.

Jeff Welch

We love the Premier family. Jason Warren is absolutely wonderful with the younger kids and adults alike. Our son has been practicing for nearly four years and has learned more than just punches and kicks -- he's learned discipline, leadership, and how to set goals.

Brandon Woodson

Amazing place my child is learning so much!

Zernub Syed

Best martial arts school in cedar park.MR.MIKE is awesome with his skills and talent and way to train kids and make them confident.Thank you premier martial arts.

S Umatiya

Ha sido maravillosa

Mey Rosado

My daughter has been in PMA in Ahwatukee. With coach Arty. She really enjoys it; I think it helps her grow as a person; and I don't think there could be a better instructor than Arty. He is very efficient and patient beyond belief. Very organized too. Great guy!

Dale Morley

Premier martial arts is an amazing martial arts program where you can learn all kinds of self defense 10/10 recommend premier

Michael Buchanan

My son has been coming here for almost a year now. He has learned so much. The coaches are amazing and so patient with the little kids. Safe to say we will be coming here for a long time

Kacie Goodwin

I cannot speak highly enough about Premier Martial Arts in Cedar Park. My children have been attending classes here from 2023, and the experience has been fantastic. The current lead instructor, Mr. Mike, is a dedicated 4th Degree Black Belt is not only skilled martial artist but also amazing with kids. He creates a welcoming and supportive environment where children can learn and grow both physically and mentally. The program strikes the perfect balance between fun and discipline, teaching important values like respect, self-control, and perseverance alongside martial arts techniques. The curriculum is well-designed and caters perfectly to children of all ages and skill levels. From fundamental techniques to advanced forms, my kids have been exposed to a comprehensive range of martial arts disciplines. I wholeheartedly recommend Premier Martial Arts Cedar Park to any parent looking to enrich their child's life with the transformative power of martial arts. It's an investment in their physical and emotional well-being that pays dividends for years to come!

Saba V S A K

My son loves being here! He’s learned focus, discipline and courage! Coach Arty is wonderful with him and the class and we’re thankful to be apart of this family 🙂

Jocelyn Rojas

Mike and Wren Mench have really made this location feel family friendly. He's firm enough with the kids that they listen, but don't become discouraged or intimidated. Each week during one of the lessons (if time permits) he sits them all down and talks about real life situations (such as bullying) and how the students should approach and handle those situations. I really makes the kids understand they are not be alone if they've experienced situations like that. It takes a lot of energy to run a dojo with that many classes and students and I applaud their efforts. Keep up the great work!

Rob S

We love PMA! The coaches are great and the experience is great!

Amanda Corum Lassiter

I highly recommend this dojo. We've been attending for about a year now and both of my sons have improved in their physical fitness and their confidence. The instructors are very patient with my 8 year old, he has ADHD and can be quite the handful but they keep him on track. My 10 year old has had issues with self esteem and confidence but he's already lost weight and whenever he masters a new move he gets so excited, especially with the nunchaku. We love this place


I love this place we have a great instructor mr. Randy and he is awesome.

Jayla Collins

We have had an incredible experience at Premiere Martial Arts! Over the past year, our child has not only significantly improved in martial arts skills but has also gained a tremendous boost in self-confidence. The instructors are truly dedicated and know how to nurture both the physical and mental growth of their students. The environment is welcoming and supportive, which makes it a perfect place for children to thrive in all aspects of their development. Highly recommend for any parent considering martial arts training for their child!

Pavel Redko

We love PMA !!! Martial arts training but also discuss issues with kiddos about self esteem, confidence, and safety. My 2 girls love it here !!!

Susan Cao

We have been with Premier Martial Arts since it opened. I have been extremely happy with the professionalism of the owner and coaches. I have 2 boys and they have flourished. They are more confident humans and have increased attention. I would highly recommend!

Holly Ahnen

Very knowledgeable instructors. Also very good teachers do very well with the young children. Would recommend to anyone that has young children karate

Alan Bednarsh

My daughter is enjoying Premier Martial Arts! The instructors and staff are kind and patient and we have seen her confidence grow since we started!

christina hurman

Excellent decision we made to enroll the kids at PMA. Coach Johan is a great inspiration for the kids and makes learning fun. Our kids have come a long way and me and my wife are proud PMA parents. Keep up the good work Mr. & Mrs. Leonard.

Zamir Hussain

I rarely Post Reviews but felt the need to share my thoughts on this place. We hosted my Son’s 6th birthday and it was such a different and unique experience for a birthday party. All the kids enjoyed it so much and every kid got so into it. They loved it! The instructors were amazing with the kids and we will be signing up our kids for some classes. The place was extremely clean. If you are looking to host a party that’s a bit different than everything else around town and teach the kids some discipline at the same time. This is the place!

Jack Shokha

Totally recommend PMA! My child has wanted to do martial arts for some time and PMA had a tent set up at a school event. After signing up for an intro class, my child was hooked! We initially enrolled in the basic program and several months later decided to move up to the Black Belt Excellence program. It's been almost a year and my child is still going strong and its great to see his development throughout this time. Instructors Jameson, Robby and Meghan are fantastic with the kids and not only appreciate their efforts on the mat, but also off the mat. They genuinely take the time to know each and every one of their students.

Cristina Sanabria

A great place for your kids to have fun while learning important life skill and discipline.

Heather Powell

The structure that Joshua has exhibited since starting is amazing


Love PMA! My son is learning great techniques as well as strengthening his core values and sel esteem. Learning black belt techniques and self defense is a great booster for kids today. Plus all the staff and instructors are amazing and truly care for each student. They promote respect, compassion, self awareness, and team work. Love it!


Instructors are awsome, they know what they are doing! They do a lot in a short amount of time.

Emlyn Flores

Excellent experienced coaches with clean and safe working environments where kids can learn and develop social and emotional intelligence.

M. A.

All 5 of my boys go here. Love the friendly atmosphere. One of my kids likes to do his own thing and goes his own way, but they were able to get him to listen to them for 30 minutes and participate with a group. They have never made me feel bad as a parent when he is being incredibly difficult for a class (which are almost none existent now) and we keep moving on. They are worth every penny we spend.

Michelle Bolson

Our daughter has been attending PMA Araphoe for the last year. In that time, her courage, kindness, and determination has immensely improved. The entire staff is welcoming and kind at every interaction. Whether you're looking for a fun after-school activity or a community for your kid, this is the place to be. Thank you - Mr. Mann, Ms. B, Mr Shawn(?) and of course Mrs. Tami for giving out kids a fun and safe place to learn Martial Arts.

Julie Mantle

Quality instruction; beautiful views. Sincerely enjoyed the experience

Octavio Villarroel

My son has been a part of this program for a year, and it has been amazing to see him blossom in this environment. Coach Shaun is super supportive of the students and it has been such an incredible blessing for our family.

Lisa Bryant

Well run school with amazing instruction and leadership. The kids have fun as they progress in their skills. Mr. Sean and Mr. Jordan are both encouraging and kind. Small classes. Great location.


My son started the Black Belt program almost a year ago and he has gotten more confident and focused! The PMA classes at this facility are great, with a lot of energy and also structured and organized. Kudos to the Instructors for caring so much about discipline, respect and good technique!

Nadir Nery

PMA has been a complete game changer for my daughter! Over the last 10 months I have witnessed my daughter’s confidence and mentality completely change. She went from a shy, nervous kiddo who had a hard time vocalizing her thoughts to a brave, confident sweetheart who shares what’s on her mind to everyone! Her couches have inspired and encouraged her to find solutions to problems, make friends and most importantly when things get tough you “get up and try again”. Whenever my daughter faces a challenge in her day to day life I hear her repeat to her self “quitters never win, I choose to win” (part of the PMA pledge) and she gets back up and tries again! I have nothing but amazing things to say about PMA, the staff and community! 10/10 recommend!

Cora Strain

We’ve been with PMA for a couple months now and it’s been a wonderful experience. My son tried a couple other martial arts studios and found them to be too loud and chaotic for his preferences. When we found PMA, it was a great fit. Drew and Tristen are calm, and connect with each individual. They go above and beyond to help everyone improve and acknowledge their accomplishments in a way that really resonates with my son. I’ve already seen growth in confidence and focus since starting the program and looking forward to seeing more development!

Katie B


Paco Cifuentes

The coaches at the Richmond location are so kind to students. They really know how to relate to them and make the activities fun! We're really glad our son has had the opportunity to engage and learn.


Couldn’t recommend Premier Martial Arts more. Our son has been going to PMA for a little over 2months now, and boy have we seen a change in his confidence and who he is, since starting. He has gone from this shy unsure kid to this outgoing more confident boy to the point he did a perfect handstand in front of his entire tennis camp over spring break for Talent Show Day without being bribed, probed or anything of the like. He just wanted to do it and we were in shock when we heard what he did (completely out of character for him). It is the life skills he is learning at PMA that he finding his more confidence self. Jordan and Shaun love what they and it shows from the moment you enter the studio.

Alexis Baker

Great instructors! Our grandson's self confidence has grown so much since coming to Premier Martial Arts.

Teena McKeown

We LOVE Premier Martial Arts in Cedar Park!! My son started in 2022, and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made for him. He has had a number of instructors, and they’ve all added to his coffer of martial arts knowledge on his way to his black belt. The current lead instructor (Mr Mike) is a dedicated fourth degree black belt who is pouring into these students with skill, knowledge, and relational currency that is paying in dividends. I have seen so much growth in so many students at the dojo this year. It’s been a great confidence booster too! Honestly I’ve been pretty enamored with all the instructors we’ve experienced over the last (nearly) two years. We began our journey into PMA as a means to add more physical activity and discipline into our kid’s lives, and it has been exceeding our expectations ever since. If you are looking for a way to incorporate exercise that is accompanied by fun (first and foremost), friendships, and future awesomeness, this is the place for you (yes they have adult classes too) and your family!

Bethany Taylor

My 3 and 4 year old recently started training here they love going to the class and the coach! Looking forward to the changes my kids will have.

June Services

I love taking classes here! The people are friendly and the teachers are intelligent and kind.

Caitlin Blair

Best decision we have made is signing the kids up for martial arts here. Not only do they teach self defense they also focus on soft skills like self confidence, perseverance, and leadership. They are helping to shape the children into tomorrows leaders.

Phillip Roberts

Great place for little kids ! My 3 years learnt alot within 6 month ! They are doing great job coach ALEX is very professional coach Josh and Joshua were very friendly with the kids ! I highly recommend this place

Mounia Rahali

I love this place my daughter started a year ago and before she started she was completely in a shell now she is out of her shell making friends I love this feeling that she has now a boost of confidence and I thank you guys so much ❤️

Kelly Figueroa

We are so grateful to have found PMA Edmond! The instructors are incredibly patient, encouraging, and incredible examples of how to show respect to others. We've seen our shy boy grown in confidence and leadership while stretching his own idea of what he is capable of in life. Thank you, Ms. Kass, Mr. Nic, and Mr. Sid for your investment and belief in our son!

Mandy Edge

I worked as an instructor for this school for the first 1.5 years of its operation. It was a wonderful experience to get to meet so many amazing kids and families and it was really a blessing in my life to be able to touch so many hearts there. As an establishment they were always fair to me and were dedicated to my growth and development as an employee. They were always a caring family and I am grateful I had the opportunity to work for them.

Josh R

Premier Martial Arts Richmond is exceptional! Their expert instructors foster a supportive environment where kids not only learn self-defense but also gain confidence and discipline.

Bayo Ademola

We are almost 6 months with them and my daughter loves it! The coaches amazing, they are talented, have patience with the kids and you can see they really love and know what they do!

Lindsay Umanzor

My daughter and I are both students of Premier Martial Arts. I've noticed my daughter develop more self discipline as well as confidence. I enjoy attending the adult class and have learned a lot! The coaches are patient and thorough. We appreciate their dedication. 🙂

Cristina Eisa

PMA Richmond has been so great for my son! I am so happy we signed him up for their black belt program. He has gained so much confidence and respect all while learning new skills.

Mallory Treme

My 4 year old son just started training with them! The coaches are super nice and he lovessss going!!! They made him feel very welcomed and they are great at what they do!

Kiara Mathis

My son has been taking martial art classes for more than 6months and he has learned a lot. He loves to go to his martial art class. All the coaches are very professional and very knowledgeable.

Zonu Syed

Sensei Eryk is nothing short of amazing. His energy, his ability to command the children with empathy, his leadership, just incredible.

Paulana Hall

My friend recommended this place to me and i am so glad she did.This place is full of positive energy and my son is always pumped about taking his class here with Coach Johan, Josh and Alex .The coaches are amazing .They always have great stuff planned for the kids.They are teaching them self defense with integrity and discipline.I will definitely recommend this place.👍

Ambreen Salim

The center is filled with great curriculum and coaches are really dedicated and motivated with high energy to teach the kids.

NAVEEN Rudraradhya

Amazing school, the coaching staff is simply incredible, coach Alex, Josh and Johan are beyond amazing!! Our son loves coming to classes, I really recommend Premier Martial Arts 100%

Fabio Montiel

We absolutely love PMA! The staff is welcoming, caring, fun and attentive. The studio is diverse and atmosphere is uplifting. My son has a great time in every class but is also appropriately challenged both physically and mentally. 10/10 recommend.

Chanel Brown

Everyone is nice and a joy to talk with. Very patience with my 5 year old grandson who is ADHD. I was very impressed with the teacher. They are so good at what they do that I am thinking about joining myself.

Amy-Jo Hicks

I can't say enough! Good old fashion respect and manners! Every child should be exposed to Master Moore and his program. All instructors have the same passion for respect and manners! I am so very pleased that my grandson has this opportunity!

Mark Hayes

Good self defense foundation, not a competition martial arts discipline, more oriented to real life environment using different martial arts techniques. If you want to have your kids or yourself better prepared for a self defense situation this is the right place, if you want to know where to kick to make points then you should look somewhere else. IMO

TX Rider70 (R.E.B.E)

I love that they not only teach great skills in kid friendly ways but they also focus on self confidence and self control. My son has grown so much in such a short time by being a part of Premier!

Paige Sinclair

Outstanding customer service and hospitality, experienced staff, and spotless facility!

Tami Kirkland

My 4 year old has been in classes since February '24. During our first visit with Coach Gabriel Sifu Jacob told a parent not to worry and reassured the parent of a 3 year old that her child was on track and their class behavior was typical of her age group. I knew we were in the right place. You're free to move between classes if you feel your child isn't where they need to be in their assigned class. Sifu Jacob is amazing. Highly energetic and animated. The way he interacts with the littles to teach them teamwork is unmatched. He makes every class fun and my child can't wait to go. Coach Gabriel does check-ins every 4-6 weeks and tries to work 1:1 to make the more apprehensive kids comfortable with getting on the mat. Honorable mention to Coach B has who has left, but he was awesome as well.

T L Johnson

My son Cassius has been attending for six months. I really wanted to get him used to instruction as he starts school next year. Great instructors and very friendly. My son was so unsure on some of the exercises since he thought they were too hard in the beginning but they stayed with him and supported him and now he’s able to do those exercises and is building more confidence to do more.

Melissa Martinez

The new owner is amazing and exactly what that place needed! He brings a different dynamic to the place! Not all sandsai's should be extra hard on your kid so it's nice having Master Mike who is easy on the kids and let's them have fun while still teaching! He also is willing to work with you as long as you communicate to him when it comes to payment and /or non payment- communication is key with Premier Martial Arts! 10/5

Robert Sanders

Master Mike threw our daughters 6th birthday party! He did everything, so my husband I could enjoy Vivs birthday with her instead of running around doing all the things that needed to be done- they were all taken care of by Master Mike! He always has a great attitude and I will be booking another karate birthday party with him! 10/10!!

Keshia Sanders

Charles, Kevin, and Marcus on the best instructors/ senseis. They keep the students motivated and in shape. They give one on one individualized attention for those they see that are falling behind. My son was a transfer student from Marietta, without hesitation, they make sure he fell in line with the rest of the class. They are Stern, genuine, and compassionate. The students respect them very much.

clarissa ottley

Come visit!

David Mika

Signed my son up today! Glad that he seems to enjoy it and everyone is so good with him so far. Informative teaching even for me.

Steph Kneub

Sensei Jessica & Sensei Ramon are wonderful instructors of all ages. Proud to have my children learning and growing in the Martial Arts and confidence. Personal bonus this location is Black Owned. 💪🏽

T. Martin

Very happy here! The instructors are amazing. My 5 year old daughter is learning so fast. Her confidence and focus has improved, and they also teach respect toward others so it’s a win for all. There is a great group of kids that attend here so my daughter has also made friends. Just a positive experience all around! Highly recommend.

Melanie Wilber

Our Premier family is exactly that a family! It’s helped teach our boys the very thing our creed talks about. Modesty, courtesy, respect, integrity, self control, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit. The growth I’ve seen on my boys is amazing not just in these attributes but also they love training and going to class. They want to be at the dojo 24/7 and I don’t mind because I love our people as much as they do! Sensei Johnathon really cares about his students and is always quick to help parents whenever the kids steer away from what the creed teaches. Ms. Lisa is the hardest working woman I know. Helping parents and kids everyday. She even handles my crazy like a champ. For me personally Lisa has been the best part of my journey!! Thank you Sensei and Lisa for changing our lives! I’m proud to say today I have 2 blue belts and a yellow/orange stripe!! If you have been searching for an extracurricular for your child and you’ve tried them all and can’t find your home I highly recommend Premier Martial Arts in Grovetown!

Star McMichael

Mi hijo ama ir a sus clases, el ambiente es agradable, hay disciplina pero los chicos se sienten cómodos con obedecer las órdenes hechas por el profesor Ian, él es un excelente profesional, con mucha paciencia y perseverancia para que cada uno de sus alumnos aprenda las técnicas de defensa.

Crislerry Padron

The confidence build up alone for my children is enough. But the fact they are stronger individuals and have over come their anger and fear is incredible. Highly recommend this staff for anyone wanting someone to be gentle yet firm with your children. If you have problems with your kid behaving in school, this place will help. If your kid needs a confidence boost, this place will help. They take their time and praise each kid in their own ways.

Rebecca Nichols

Love the staff. If your child needs extra help they always make time to make sure students are confident in what they need to know.

Connie Deshotel

The people make this place the best. 👏

Heidi Fennell

Very patient with the kids

Lloyd Davis

Have been going to Premier for 5+years now.

Cee Fambro

It is a good school. My friend’s son and daughter are doing very well. The sensei does a good job with the kid making sure they earn their belts. I highly recommend this school.

Matthew Ashby

Coach Tony and Arjen have been awesome. They are very good with young kids and kids really look forward to attending the class. They are also very flexible in arranging make up classes. The facility is very clean and classes start and end on time! I am so glad we have a great Martial arts coaching center in the Sammamish area.

Vignesh Pratap

My Grandchildren going to this PMA center. I highly recommend this place Sensei Ty is amazing.

Matilda Duncan

My 4 yr old has been attending PMA on Smith St for a few months and it’s been a great experience so far. Easy to work with management and the instructor has been excellent. Overall my kid has really enjoyed learning martial arts here.

Scott Lamkin

Great experience! Instructors are nice. My daughter enjoyed her time here

Claire Sun

Much more than a Martial Arts academy- PMA takes a wholistic approach of character development in young boys and girls that is unique for our daughter’s age group. It’s like they’re helping us raise our kid- and it is not our first kid either (she has three GREAT older siblings). We were surprised when she showed interest in karate and thought she would soon be bored. More than a year in and we see a huge difference in her. We couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to more of this for years to come! Shout out to Sensei Nick, coach Mike and the rest of the team for all your dedication and hard work ✌🏼

sara freitekh

Great environment!! My kids love the class, the teachers, they are very friendly, and they have learned a lot! Recommended 100%!!

Rosa Succart