A Message to Premier Martial Arts Students

Mar 31st, 2020

Premier Martial Arts is excited to have you in our martial arts family. We strive to provide our students with the best martial arts has to offer. Whether you are looking for the skills to defend yourself, an exciting way to get in the best shape of your life, to develop the confidence and perseverance needed to succeed at any challenge, or simply a fun place to meet new friends, you will find it here at Premier Martial Arts.

Our PMA instructors are some of the best in the world. Each instructor is a well-trained martial arts professional. They have spent years not only perfecting their martial arts skill, but they have also received special instructor training with the highest standards in the martial arts industry. All of our instructors are certified by Premier Martial Arts International. Every PMA owner, instructor and staff member, truly believes in our vision of creating a better world through the martial arts. It is our goal to help our students to be the best they can be physically and mentally, through developing strong minds, strong bodies, strong hearts, and a strong character.

Here is a little advice I would like to give you as a student in the martial arts. Consistency, focus, and perseverance are the keys to your progress. There will be days that you perform well and there will be days you struggle, but by maintaining regular attendance of twice per week and with a little practice at home, you will find the results that you are looking for. There will be many reasons that could interfere with your goal of becoming a Black Belt, but try to focus on making the martial arts part of your weekly routine no matter what other activities arise. And now that you have begun the journey of Black Belt Excellence, never give up, because a Black Belt is just a white belt that never quit!

I truly hope your training at Premier Martial Arts brings you the results and rewards that students from all across the world have received. We are proud to add you to our PMA family, and by doing so we at Premier Martial Arts are one step closer to our vision of making the world a better place, one Black Belt at a time!

Barry Van Over

Founder and CEO

Premier Martial Arts International


ONLY $39

We make it easy to try our martial arts programs. Our start-up offer includes two private lessons with a PMA expert trainer to explore your ability level and find the right programs to help you meet your goals. We even include a uniform – everything you need to make a positive change!


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