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Starting Martial Arts? Here’s the Best Martial Art for Beginners

Apr 26th, 2022

Best Martial Art for Beginners

Getting Started

Starting out with martial arts can be a bit intimidating; you know you have so much to learn but don’t always know where to start. Yet, the beginning is often the most important part of starting something new. How you get started with a new endeavor, especially a lifelong practice like a martial art, can make all the difference in whether you stick to it.

The first step of starting a martial arts practice is choosing the martial art you’ll practice, of course. You’ve likely wondered what the best martial art for beginners is. Spoiler alert: There is no definite answer about what the best martial art to start out with really is.

There are many articles claiming to have an answer, but claiming there is a single best martial art for beginners doesn’t give you the information you need to make the right choice for yourself. Everyone starts in different places because everyone is different, so let’s take into consideration all the different starting places you might begin your martial arts practice at.

Beginner Kids

One of the most important aspects of choosing a martial art for kids is safety. No one needs to get injured at an early age and parents are rightly concerned about their kids starting martial arts training. We’ve explored how martial arts practice is much safer than other common sports for kids in other articles.

Check out those articles on the website if you want an overview of why and how martial arts are very safe for kids.

When it comes to the best martial art for kids to begin with, the answer is likely Karate. One of the important parts of studying martial arts as a child is the ability to keep learning into adulthood. However, families often move to new cities, which means changing schools, and finding new local gyms, and martial arts classes for kids in a new location.

Kids enjoy karate and martial arts as beginners.

Karate is so widespread around America and the world that it makes a change in location much easier for kids to manage without losing their practice. Taekwondo is another great option for kids for this same reason; there are way more Karate and Taekwondo schools around the world than for Kendo or Aikido dojos. Premier Martial Arts has locations across the United States, so if you ever need to move, you’re likely to find a studio near you.

Because Karate and Taekwondo have been popular for so long, often there are age-specific classes for kids. Due to their popularity, teachers and instructors can bring together enough students to facilitate different classes for different ages, which reinforces the safety aspect of popular martial arts like Karate. At Premier Martial Arts, children get the enjoyment and safety of taking age-specific classes where they can practice amongst other kids of similar age and size.

Beginner Adult

When it comes to starting martial arts as an adult, there are many choices that can all be suitable. It’s important to decide why you’re interested in learning martial arts to help make a decision that will serve you over the long run.

Martial Arts for beginner adults.

For those who already have injuries or are not in great shape, it may be wise to skip ground fighting techniques in martial arts like Jiujitsu; it may also be wise to skip martial arts which feature throws like Judo. While both these martial arts are safe, they do run some higher risks than others, especially Judo. Also worth noting here is that at Premier Martial Arts, we offer the following disciplines;

By selecting to begin your martial arts journey with any of the above disciplines, you will no doubt be setting yourself up for a strong foundation to begin with.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth

Embarking on the path of martial arts as a beginner is an exciting and transformative experience. Whether you are seeking self-defense skills, physical fitness, personal growth, or simply a new hobby, martial arts offers a wealth of benefits for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. In this article, we will explore why martial arts is an excellent choice for beginners and delve into the various aspects that make it such a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

One of the most compelling reasons to even start training in martial arts as a beginner is the opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. Martial arts training goes beyond physical techniques; it cultivates discipline, mental focus, and self-confidence. Through consistent practice, beginners learn to push their limits, overcome challenges, and develop resilience. The journey of self-improvement becomes an integral part of their martial arts experience, leading to holistic growth in all aspects of life.

A Way To Ensure Physical Prowess

Martial arts also provide a comprehensive approach to physical fitness. As a beginner, you will engage in a variety of exercises that enhance strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Techniques such as punches, kicks, and grappling movements work the entire body, promoting cardiovascular health and muscular development. Unlike repetitive gym workouts, martial arts training is dynamic and ever-evolving, keeping beginners motivated and engaged in their fitness journey.

martial arts for beginners

One of the most significant aspects of martial arts for beginners is the supportive and inclusive community they become a part of. Martial arts schools foster a sense of camaraderie and respect among practitioners, creating a positive and encouraging environment for beginners. Instructors and fellow students provide guidance, motivation, and mentorship throughout the journey, making it easier for beginners to adapt new techniques, and progress.

Different Martial Arts Disciplines

The diversity of martial arts styles further adds to the appeal for beginners. From striking-based disciplines like Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai to grappling arts like Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there is a martial art to suit every interest and preference. Beginners have the freedom to explore and discover the style of traditional martial arts that resonates with them the most. Trying different martial arts styles also allows beginners to develop a well-rounded skill set and a deeper understanding of the martial arts world as a whole.

It is important for beginners to find a reputable martial arts school or academy to begin their journey. A qualified instructor who emphasizes proper technique, safety, and respect will lay the foundation for a fulfilling and enriching experience. Additionally, beginners should approach their martial arts training sessions with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Progress in martial arts is not solely measured by belts or ranks but by the personal growth and development that occur along the way.


If self-defense is your main goal for beginning a martial arts practice, then Krav Maga could be the best choice for you. Krav Maga a martial arts discipline focuses on winning fights efficiently; it’s not a sport because it teaches you to fight in ways that wouldn’t be allowed in a sports context. In other words, Krav Maga is about learning real-world self-defense strategies.

Self-defense incorporates krav maga

Martial arts offer valuable self-defense skills that can empower beginners and increase their personal safety. Learning effective techniques to protect oneself and others instills a sense of confidence and assurance in daily life. Beginners acquire practical knowledge of situational awareness, assertiveness, and effective communication, which are essential skills in navigating potentially threatening situations.

MMA training is another interesting choice. This martial art does focus on competition and draws from many different martial arts. Jiujitsu, kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling are all part of MMA training. It also gets students into sparring fast, which is key to learning how to stay calm in real-life situations, making MMA training a good option for beginners seeking self-defense training.

Why Choose Martial Arts

Martial arts is an exceptional choice for beginners seeking personal growth, physical fitness, self-defense skills, and a supportive community. The journey of a martial artist is filled with challenges, achievements, and constant self-improvement. By embracing the principles, striking techniques, and teachings of martial arts, beginners embark on a path that leads to self-discovery, increased confidence, and a stronger mind-body connection. So, take that first step, find a reputable martial arts school, and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your life in ways you never imagined. The world of martial arts awaits you!

Fun, Exploration, and Novelty

There are several other martial arts, that are little known but are interesting. Kendo is the Japanese art of sword fighting. Does it have a lot of real-world practical uses? Perhaps not, unless you are planning on living your life like an anime character. What Kendo is practical about offering is a way to deeply enter the Japanese culture and mindset.

Aikido is another less practiced martial art that’s also from Japan. The plus side to Aikido is that the philosophy behind it is about using a minimal amount of force and harm to your opponent; as such, it’s a very gentle martial art to begin learning.


Nearly every martial art is great for the beginner in terms of physical fitness. There really is no “wrong” choice when it comes to gaining physical fitness from practicing martial arts. For those who want a great cardio workout, kickboxing and MMA are great options.

Start Your Martial Arts Journey Today

There really is no one best martial art for beginners because every beginner has different goals. At Premier Martial Arts, we train students in many different types of martial arts at all different levels. Disciplines that we currently offer include; karate, krav maga, kickboxing and taekwondo.

If you’re ready to start your martial arts journey or still need a little guidance on where to start, reach out to one of our many studios near you to bring more wellness into your life.

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