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What You Should Know Before Your Child Starts Martial Arts

Jun 3rd, 2021

There’s a reason why martial arts are so popular for children—these centuries-old
practices offer a wealth of benefits, from confidence to physical fitness.

Yet, you might be wondering what you should know before your child starts martial arts.
Is there a risk? How should you choose the right martial arts school? This guide will
help you start your child in martial arts with confidence and peace of mind.

What School of Martial Arts Should You Choose?

You may have heard about some schools of martial arts, like Karate and Tae Kwon Do,
but there are many other forms of martial arts like Aikido and Kung Fu. To get your child
started in martial arts, you’ll have to decide which school is appropriate for your goals.

Most parents aren’t seeking to turn their kids into street fighters, but want them to gain
the benefits of confidence, fitness, and discipline. For a well-rounded martial arts
education, many parents opt for karate.

What Location Should Your Child Train At?

After deciding what school of martial arts your child would benefit from most, your next
task is to find a quality location that offers a supportive and safe environment for
learning. Don’t feel shy about asking questions when searching for the right location,
like what safety protocols the location takes.

You’ll also want to check out the environment of the location—does it seem fun and
organized? Request whether you can observe a class. Do the students seem to be
enjoying themselves and responding well to the instructor? Premier Martial Arts
welcomes parents to ask questions and visit locations before signing their child up.
Choosing a location your child will enjoy is worth a longer drive if it keeps the learning
process fun.

Expect Complaints, Not Miracles

Parents often expect that their child will learn rapidly and show quick progress both
physically and emotionally, learning discipline and respect within months. Good things
take time and training in martial arts is no different. Be prepared for your child to
complain at times and not to show immediate progress—sticking to a commitment to
gain long-term results is one of the most powerful lessons martial arts offers.

However, kids require support from parents to gain the full benefits of martial arts. Many
parents aren’t sure how to deal with a child’s complaints, but Psychology Today offers
some advice for discerning between normal complaints and valid reasons for quitting .
You can keep the martial arts training going even after your kid’s karate classes by helping
them focus on little victories towards a bigger goal rather than quitting when immediate
success doesn’t appear.

Consider Costs

Some schools require contracts or have additional costs that appear later on throughout
the program. Be mindful of costs with respect to your budget so you don’t end up
surprised by expenses and unable to continue on with your child’s classes.

Ask questions about pricing and any possible extra expenses when choosing a location
for your child’s martial arts training. Being aware of and comfortable with the costs of a
program will ensure your child can continue enjoying the benefits of long-term training
and you won’t have to stress over unexpected expenses.

Getting Your Child Started in Martial Arts

The benefits of having your child train in martial arts are appealing to all parents, from
increased discipline, respect, and self-esteem to health benefits like physical fitness and
self-defense. If you’re ready to enroll your child in a martial arts program, use this guide
to make sure your options match you and your child’s needs.

Premier Martial Arts welcomes new students and offers an expert-designed, child-
friendly curriculum to keep your child healthy and happy.


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