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Developing a Positive and Winning Attitude

Jun 12th, 2020

As a martial artist, no matter if you are a Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, or a practitioner in any other style, it is your duty to present yourself to others with, and to be a great example of, a person with a positive winning attitude.

Have you ever heard the expression or saying, “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude”?

The definition of Attitude is simply “State of Mind”. What that means is how you feel about yourself, other people, and the things around you. Most happy and successful people have a very positive state of mind. They even see problems as opportunities to succeed instead of challenges. So it is very important to understand how we think, or our state of mind develops our attitude, and our attitude will determine how happy and successful we are in life.

Did you know that you control your own attitude in a big part, simply by the things that you say? Words have great power! Using negatives words often like, I Can’t, I Hate, I Won’t, I Quit, will unknowingly cause you to develop a negative or bad attitude. The more you use these words, the less productive and happy you will become.

Challenge yourself to notice how often we use negativity with our words. Even ask our friends and parents to write down every time we use negativity in the things we say. And I want you to understand that the first step in developing a happy, successful, winning, and positive attitude is within yourself.

Other People Can Affect Our Attitude

Our attitude is our state of mind, which is how you feel about yourself, other people, and the things around you. A positive attitude allows us to develop into a happy and successful person. Just as it is important for us to develop a positive attitude by controlling our thinking and the things we say to ourselves, it is also important to understand that others can affect our attitude as well.

Imagine that your mind is this very special place, a magical container that whatever you allow into it will determine what type of person you will become, how happy you will be, and what level of success you will achieve. Remember the definition of Attitude is “Our State of Mind.” We have to guard and protect our minds to keep it healthy. Just like with your body “you are what you eat”, with your mind, “you are what you let in it”.

We can not let others do what is called “Garbage Dumping”, dumping their negative thoughts, feelings, and images in our mind. We have to be careful not to listen to ugly words and bad language of other people. We have to guard our minds against negative images we see on TV or in magazines. All the negativity that is in this world, if we let it in our minds, IT WILL affect who we become.

Remember, to have a positive healthy attitude about life and to be happy and successful, we have to use positive thinking from ourselves and protect our minds from the negativity of others.

Attitude is Contagious

Did you know that our attitude is contagious? How we think, act and the things we say to others can spread to them and affect their attitude. We can spread a positive attitude or a negative attitude. We as martial artists have a responsibility to do our best to spread a positive attitude. To do and say things that will help others. We can do this by performing random acts of kindness for no other reason than to help someone. Like, open the door for someone, to give your seat on the bus to an elderly person, or to help your brother or sister with their chores. We can spread a positive attitude by using positive words and phrases when speaking to others. We can have a positive outlook when bad things happen around us. We can use understanding with the misfortunes that others may have. And finally, we can simply use a smile when we greet other people.

These are simple ways that we can spread a positive attitude and be a role-model to the people we meet. As martial artists, this is our responsibility.

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