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How to Get Your Kids to Actually Do Their Chores!

Brother and sister kneeling on chairs to wash up in kitchen

If you are a parent, I am sure you have had occasions when you have given your child a chore to do and they took forever to complete it. Here is a great way to get them moving a little faster.

Time Your Child’s Performance: Timing is a good way to get your child to comply with doing chores. You can say, “All right, the dishes have to be done in 20 minutes.” If they’re not done in 20 minutes, then your child’s bedtime is earlier. Now there’s a cost associated with their foot-dragging.

The beauty of this system is that you’re not constantly nagging anymore, you’re just keeping time. The next night, you can say, “Let’s not repeat what happened last night—because remember, you didn’t enjoy going to bed earlier.”

Haha, isn’t that great?!

Premier Martial Arts training for our Karate Kids has many ways we can help with increasing your child’s self-discipline.

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