How to Help Your Child Be More Healthy

Apr 26th, 2019

Many of us parents live a fast paced life. Running from one thing to the next. Large food chains have capitalized on this through providing cheap food that is convenient.

Convenience is one of the most prized things for us parents! But at what cost?

Here are a couple tips on how to help make good decisions when time is tight and you’re on the run.

Have good choices ready to go.

Have fruits and vegetables and other healthy go-to snacks accessible. You don’t have to stop in the middle of something to make a snack if there is something ready to go. It’s also easier for everyone to make a good choice if there’s a good choice ready for the picking. It’s easy to open a bag of chips, but it’s also easy to grab a snack bag with grapes that are washed and ready to go. Homemade snack mixes are another option that’s ready to go.

Think ahead.

Discuss school lunch and snack choices with your children. If your child is heading to a birthday party, fuel them with nutrient-dense foods and talk to them about moderation. Another option would be to volunteer to send a healthy but fun snack with your child to the party.

Follow these tips to help teach children to make good nutrition choices. Help them to choose nutrient-dense foods, but also know it’s okay when they enjoy a treat.

One of our Kids Karate monthly themes for our students is nutrition. We understand the battles parents face with making sure their children have healthy options and make healthy decisions. With our focus to help our students understand good choice with their nutrient and providing great exercise with our karate, kickboxing, tae kwon do, and krav maga training, Premier Martial Arts kids become happy, healthy, confident children.



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