Is Your Child Being Bullied?

May 9th, 2019

SIGNS of Bullying from National Crime Prevention

Kids Karate prevents bullying by providing proper education and common sense solutions to bullying, and by building their confidence and self-esteem through training in martial arts. When your child Is bullied, many kids are embarrassed to be bullied and may not tell their parents or another adult right away. If your child comes to you and asks for help with a bully, take it seriously. Many times, if kids aren’t taken seriously the first time they ask for help, they don’t ask again.

Even if your child doesn’t turn to you for help, you can watch for these warning signs that he or she is being bullied. Kids who are bullied often experience…

· Withdrawal

· A loss of friends

· A drop in grades

· A loss of interest in activities he or she previously enjoyed

· Torn clothing

· Bruises

· A need for extra money or supplies

Premier Martial Arts has a national recognized Anti-Bullying program called Bully Proof that we teach to every one of our students. Physical answers to bullying are NOT recommended. At Premier Martial Arts, we Bully Proof our students with the proper education, common sense solutions, and by building their confidence and self-esteem through training in martial arts. However, our students will know how to handle physical altercations if the situation arises.


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