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“The bridge between knowledge and skill is practice, the bridge between skill and mastery is TIME”


Now that a Premier Martial Arts student has obtained the life-changing goal of becoming a Black Belt, a student needs to understand that continuous training and practice is needed to remain a Black Belt. A student now must evaluate what path they are going to take for their future self-improvement to mastery.

  1. Remaining a Student is a Must:

Training in new curriculum as well as continuing to perfect the basics is what keeps a person who once earned a black belt to actually continue to be a black belt.

  1. Giving Back to Your Academy:

Teaching/Assisting is a great way. Premier Martial Arts has a Certified Instructor Training course for those who want to pass down their knowledge to help empower others.

  1. Giving Back to Your Community:

A black belt shows others by doing, not just telling. We believe that Premier Martial Arts Black Belts should have developed core values that motivates them to be a leader in their family, social settings and community at large. A black belt is the first to volunteer when they can.

Lastly, a Black Belt’s mission is to more deeply understand the martial arts in way that transcends the academy. A desire to share with others, to empower them and to lead them by example through perseverance and encouragement to all. Many will tell you they learned more about the physics of martial arts and also the influence it can have on members of their community after becoming a Black Belt. An attitude that exudes the willingness to learn, perfect, and helps others is what being and remaining a Black Belt is all about.

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