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Journey to a Black Belt: Part One

Students at Premier Martial Arts receive all the physical, mental, self-defense and personal development benefits the martial arts.

Premier Martial Arts is one of the largest, most successful martial arts organizations in the world. You can rest assure that you or your family will receive the best training the martial arts has to offer in a safe, professional and exciting atmosphere.

Premier Martial Arts is a Black Belt School, what this means is that it is our main purpose and goal for each of our students to one day obtain not just their Black Belt, but to also receive all the physical, mental, self-defense and personal development benefits the martial arts are intended to instill in students through their journey to become a Black Belt.

What is a Black Belt in the Martial Arts?

There is a huge difference between being a black belt and having a black belt.  A black belt is, after all, a black piece of cloth that is tied around one’s waist. On the other hand, being a black belt is something profound that represents who you are to the core.  With enough effort, anyone can accomplish the physical feats associated with earning a black belt, but it takes someone truly special to have met all mental and physical requirements that embody what being a black belt represents. A black belt represents the never-ending, life long quest to perfect your mind, body, and soul; to treat others and the world around you with respect and to hold yourself to the highest standards possible.

So that our students can better plan, prepare and train on their journey to Black Belt Excellence and for them to clearly understand what is expected of them, coming up in future blogs we will what a Premier Martial Arts student can expect and what is required of them during our 3 different phases of training to become a Black Belt.

In upcoming parts of this series, we will break down the details on the metal and physical requirements of each level on martial arts training to the Black Belt.

If you are interested in Premier Martial Arts training for you or your family, check out our convenient nationwide locations.


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