Self-Defense Tips While Walking the Streets

May 14th, 2019

When it comes to your safety while walking the streets, it’s important to stay alert. Here are some tips to remember and to share with loved ones.

Some of these you may have heard, while others you may not of.

Be sure to let them all soak in, and always put them into practice.  

Remember the basic rules; 1. Strength in numbers.  2. Sound is your friend. 3. Awareness is the key.

When Walking alone or with others, during day or night, try to think of these tips:

Avoid dark areas that are not populated with other people if possible.

Do not be alone if possible. Those who are looking to rob or kill are looking for the least resistant target.

Hide or hold your valuables close. You don’t even want to tempt someone into picking you as the one to rob.

If you think someone is following you continue to look back at them to let them know you are suspicious. If they become aware that you are on to them they may abandon their plans.

If a driver stops to ask you directions, avoid getting too close to car – you could be pulled inside.

Whether in a parking lot or coming or going from your residence, always have your head up, phone away, and keys ready to into your car or home. This is a time you are most vulnerable.

The last tip today is to take a short term basic self-defense course. While you do not have to be a black belt to defend yourself, you do need to learn and master a few basic striking and self -defense techniques so you have some tools to use to fight in case you ever have to.

Premier Martial Arts curriculum of Israeli Krav Maga and Muay Thai Kickboxing makes us the perfect martial arts schools to train for your self-defense needs.

These are just a few tips while walking. We hope you enjoyed them and hope you forward this or share this with a loved one. It could save their life.


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