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What Are the Best Martial Arts for Women’s Self Defense?

Aug 13th, 2021


More people are incorporating a martial arts practice into their lives to gain the well known emotional, physical, and mental benefits these physical disciplines have to offer. Yet, there’s another reason why many women have chosen to take up a martial arts practice. Rather than rely on others or deal with an unpleasant feeling of vulnerability, women are turning to martial arts for increased self defense. 

If you want to practice martial arts to provide yourself with more independence and a better sense of security through self defense classes, there are several different martial art forms you can choose from. We’re breaking down a list of the best martial arts for women’s self defense. 


Are Martial Arts Good for Women’s Self Defense?

Before looking at the different martial art forms, it’s important to know which qualities that martial arts can offer are powerful when it comes to women’s self defense. As has long been known, what makes training in the martial arts so empowering isn’t just the physical aspect, but the many positive changes a martial arts practice has on your mind and character. 

While knowing how to throw a good punch is a crucial part of self defense, knowing when and how to call out unwanted behavior before a physical altercation begins is just as crucial a part of keeping yourself safe. 

The majority of attacks women face aren’t by strangers, but by people they know. The assertiveness and confidence that practicing martial arts provides can help women feel better prepared and less hesitant to push back against harassment of any kind, even when it isn’t the kind of harassment that requires a physical defense. 

As any martial artist will tell you, when you practice martial arts, you’re gaining strength in many more forms than just your physical ability. 


The Best Martial Arts for Women’s Self Defense

When it comes to choosing the best martial art form for women’s self defense, it’s important to consider which styles are better suited to women’s bodies and to the nature of what’s needed for self defense. Our list of martial arts below looks at different styles and how they’re best suited to self defense for women. 


Tae Kwon Do

While it might not seem like the most brutal of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do classes are well designed to help women capitalize on where their strength naturally resides: legs. This kick-heavy martial art form can train you in the art of delivering a devastating kick, making it a prime choice for women’s self defense. 


Muy Thai 

There are many pathways to self defense but at the end of the day, knowing how to fight is the core of defending yourself in a fight. Muy Thai can be a great option for women seeking a self defense system that covers all the basics of fighting, from kicking and punching to using your elbows to land a hit. 


Krav Maga

This martial art is the top choice for self defense due to its focus on lethality over style. Used by the Israeli military, Krav Maga is also the go-to self defense option for women because this martial art forgos all the rules and traditions other martial arts hold their students to, such as using throat-strikes and eye-poking. 

Since this martial art was specifically designed with defense in mind, it’s become a popular choice for women’s self defense, making the process of starting and training even easier. Premier Martial Arts offers a self defense training course using Krav Maga—just find your local studio to get started! 


How to Get Started with Learning Self Defense for Women

The sense of security and peace of mind that comes from even the most basic self defense training is worth the effort. While self defense isn’t something that can be learned in only a few weeks, the confidence and feeling of empowerment that stems from making an effort to train in self defense has a quick effect. 

Give yourself the boost of feeling more powerful and independent by getting started with self defense training. Premier Martial Arts offers a self defense class that makes training both efficient and enjoyable.



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