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What is Bullying and What is the Effect on Your Child?

74% of eight to eleven-year-olds say teasing and bullying happen at their school. But what exactly is bullying?

Imagine your child in these scenarios…

A big, tough kid stops your child on his way to school and threatens to hurt him unless he hands over his homework or money. The popular kids at school won’t let your child sit at their lunch table. These two bullying scenarios and others happen more often than most adults realize.  

74% of eight to eleven-year-olds say teasing and bullying happen at their school. But what exactly is bullying?

Bullying is…

·       Fighting, threatening, name-calling, teasing, or excluding someone repeatedly and over time

·       An imbalance of power, such as size or popularity

·       Physical, social, and emotional harm

·       Hurting another person to get something

Many parents don’t think that bullying is as big a problem as bringing a weapon to school or drug use but its effects can be severe and long lasting.

Every day, nearly 160,000 children miss school because they are scared of bullying, according to the National Education Association. Bullying doesn’t only negatively affect its victims, but also the bullies themselves.

Kids who are bullied are more likely to

·       Do poorly in school

·       Have low self-esteem

·       Be depressed

·       Turn to violent behavior to protect themselves or get revenge on their bullies

·       Smoke and drink alcohol

·       Commit crimes in the future

Premier Martial Arts teaches kids how to make safe, smart decision when it comes to bullying with our nationally recognized Bully Proof program. Come see how we can help your child overcome this problem.

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