When is the Best Time to Start Practicing Martial Arts As an Adult?

Jul 21st, 2021

When we think of a martial artist, we often imagine someone who has trained for years, likely starting from a young age. If you’re thinking about picking up this practice, it’s natural to wonder when is the best time to start practicing martial arts. 

Most skills benefit from being practiced at a young age and the martial arts are no different. Yet, martial arts aren’t just a hobby to keep kids healthy and occupied when school is out. Though training in the martial arts is a powerful benefit for children’s physical and emotional health, picking up a martial arts practice later in life is no less beneficial. 

Here what to consider if you’re thinking about starting martial arts at a later age. 


There’s No Expiration Date on Fitness

The most obvious benefit of training in martial arts is the physical health gains you’ll make. It can definitely be a benefit to start young, as a child’s body will develop along with their martial arts practice, helping adapt them to the skill faster. 

Yet, if you’re wondering when is the best time to start practicing martial arts because you’re not sure whether you’ll have the same health outcome as someone who started young, put your reservations to rest. There’s no such thing as “too late” when it comes to health. 

For all your body knows, tomorrow you’ll become a highly skilled athlete. The body is highly adaptable—what’s less adaptable is the mind. Overcome your hesitations about starting later and you’ll enjoy the health benefits of practicing martial arts sooner. 


“Now” Is Always the Right Time

While there’s no denying that starting a skill as complex and beneficial as martial arts training is better sooner than later, the only other time better than later is now. There’s no hard limit on when you should start training in martial arts, even if you’re starting towards the later half of life. 

Just because you won’t be a world champion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. Most of the people who’ve started martial arts as kids also don’t become world champions, but what they do have is the practice of martial arts that’s benefited them for as long as they’ve practiced. 

You can start gaining the benefits of a martial arts practice too—whether you’re seeking mental resilience, emotional mastery, or just a good physical outlet—but you have to start first.

At Premier Martial Arts, we make starting simple and enjoyable. All you have to do is reach out and we’ll help you get going with a program that fits your needs. 


You’re More Ready than You Realize

When people ask when is the best time to start practicing martial arts, they often don’t realize they’re ready to start at that very moment. All you truly need to start a martial arts practice is desire—everything else is training. 

It’s completely natural to feel uncoordinated and confused by even the most basic moves in martial arts at first. With practice, your brain changes and adapts to forge stronger connections that help you practice martial arts more effortlessly. 

When you consider how martial arts can affect your brain and increase the connection between mind and body, the real answer to when you should start a martial arts practice becomes clear: immediately! Taking advantage of the mental benefits that practicing martial arts can provide isn’t something with a time limit. You’ll always benefit from your training, whether starting young or older. 

You’ll also benefit from the satisfaction and enjoyment of trying something new and learning skills—things that never expire at any age. 


Getting Started with a Martial Arts Practice

If you’ve got a brain, a body, and the desire to improve, you’re ready to start your martial arts training. Reach out to us at Premier Martial Arts to learn more about our expert-designed curriculum and to kickstart your journey to a healthier, happier life. 


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