3 Ways Martial Arts Can Improve Your Mental Health

Apr 21st, 2021

The importance of taking mental health just as seriously as physical health is only becoming more clear. Both philosophers and doctors for centuries have noticed and studied the connection between the mind and body.

Whether you’re dealing with a serious mental illness—as 5.2% of American adults are—or you’re simply seeking ways to keep your mental health strong and improving, martial arts is a surprisingly powerful tool.

How Martial Arts Improves Mental Health

While martial arts certainly aren’t a magic bullet for every mental health problem, exercise and the unique training philosophy behind the martial arts offer the same incredible emotional and psychological benefits to everyone.

1# Boost Self-Esteem

One of the most impactful mental health benefits of training in the martial arts is the increased self-esteem you gain. Working towards a goal, pushing yourself, and finally achieving that goal is a deeply rewarding process that can soften some of the hopelessness of depression and reduce anxiety.

Building up healthy self-esteem is always going to offer a little more positivity in life. At Premier Martial Arts, we ensure our students are challenged while still being on a path towards success that builds their skill and self-esteem simultaneously.

2# Release Stress and Anger

Our modern lives can be extremely stressful, especially during more chaotic times or during personal struggles. We can try to reduce our stress and anger in life, but there will always be stressful or anger-inducing situations that can’t be avoided. It’s important to have a healthy outlet to release the anger and stress that builds up day after day.

Joining exercise with space to physically release frustration with force in a safe way is a healthy and cathartic way to manage our emotions and find calm.

3# Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a key aspect of martial arts practice as any success requires focusing on the present, not past problems or future worries. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for those struggling with mental health challenges, as it’s associated with lowered stress, mental clarity, better decision-making, and over increased wellness.

Martial arts are a great way to practice mindfulness if you aren’t the type to sit still for 30 minutes of meditation. Because martial arts requires a present focus and awareness, it creates the practice of mindfulness while still offering an active goal.

Mental health struggles aren’t something to be ashamed about or to give up on managing. Whether you just want a mood boost or you’re seeking ways to deal with bigger challenges, Premier Martial Arts welcomes you to the world of martial arts. Join us to start your journey towards a better life!

If you are a parent for child or an adult interested in a martial arts program that has these mental benefits, check out Premier Martial Arts. With convenient locations across the United States, England, and Canada, Find a Premier Martial Arts near you.


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