Benefits of Kickboxing for Your Fitness Training

May 14th, 2020

Rather you come to Premier Martial Arts for fitness, or fun,  Premier Martial Arts kickboxing is for anyone serious about self-defense and a complete fitness and conditioning program.

What to expect from our Kickboxing at Premier Martial Arts

  • Dynamic Warm-Up and Stretching
  • Shadow Boxing and Drills
  • Striking Pads and Bags
  • Combinations and Strategies
  • Cool Down and Stretching to Increase Flexibility

No More Boring Gyms! Lose Weight, Tone Your Body, Learn the Most Effective Striking Art in the World, and Get REAL Results. Kickboxing workouts can burn up to 800 calories per workout. Kickboxing is the most effective, but easy to learn martial arts for self-defense. Our kickboxing instructors at Premier Martial Arts are experts, they will guide you every punch, elbow, kick, and knee. Kickboxing is not restricted, like western boxing, which only has two striking points, or kickboxing, which only has four.

Kickboxing Promotes Weight Loss, Develops a TONED BODY, Increases Cardiovascular Conditioning, Increases Muscular Development, Increase Flexibility and Teaches you a skill you can use to defend yourself, all while Taking an Amazing Fun Class!

  • Kickboxing Classes Are Fun and Get real Results!
  • You will enjoy Kickboxing training while you develop a skill that will always be with you for self-defense.
  • At PMA Men and women train together in this high energy, exciting Kickboxing workout.
  • Fun, Results, Get Fit, and Meet New People!
  • New Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes in Knoxville Forming NOW!

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced student looking for a new activity or a gym to continue your training, Premier Martial Arts Kickboxing classes has something for every person regardless of experience. Our instructors will treat you with the utmost respect while guiding you to your goals.  And you will find that kickboxing will increase your flexibility, speed, agility, power, and mental clarity. Each class you will learn how to punch like a boxer and kick like a mule all while carving up your physique.

Each class you will have the opportunity to learn an ancient art, grow stronger mentally and physically, meet other people with similar interests, and become a part of a life-changing and ever-growing segment of the population who are recognizing and gaining the benefits of martial arts.

Premier Kickboxing Gets Proven Results

We have 100% guarantee that if you regularly attend our Kickboxing program you will increase our overall fitness and self-Defense.

Fitness Magazine’s rate kickboxing as the number one fat burner, with up to 800 calories burned during a one hour class! With Kickboxing at Premier Martial Arts, you will be burning fat and toning up by punching and kicking real heavy bags. Classes are great for both females and males that have the goal of a healthy fit lifestyle, and we have a blast training together in this fun high energy class. 

If You Want a Fit and Functional Body…,

If You Want to Be in the Best Shape and have Fun Doing it…,

If you want to be able to kick some butt…then kickboxing is for you!

Check out one of our convenient Premier Martial Arts locations near you.


ONLY $39

We make it easy to try our martial arts programs. Our start-up offer includes two private lessons with a PMA expert trainer to explore your ability level and find the right programs to help you meet your goals. We even include a uniform – everything you need to make a positive change!


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