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Can Young Children Benefit from Martial Arts Training?

Aug 18th, 2021

If you knew that there was something you could do for your child that would give them an edge to succeed throughout the rest of their life, would you do it? This question might be a no-brainer, but what’s harder to answer is: which healthy activities for kids actually help them throughout life? We all want to give our kids an edge to succeed and overcome life’s challenges, but finding the right means to do this with young kids can be a challenge. Can young kids benefit from martial arts training? Today, kids as young as 3 to 4 years old are learning martial arts moves and gaining benefits from these complex fighting styles. Unlike the myth that playing Mozart for an unborn baby will increase their IQ, enrolling young kids in martial arts provides them with opportunities to practice and perfect the important skills for their age range. 


How Young Kids Benefit from Martial Arts Training: 3-4 Years Old

Children need different activities and guidance at different ages. One of the incredible aspects of martial arts is how easily these physical practices can be tailored to provide exactly the lessons different ages and skill levels benefit from. At Premier Martial Arts, we recognize how crucial and life-changing a well-designed kids karate program can be for students and have created special training curriculums based on the needs of different age groups. 

For kids from ages 3-4, martial arts can support their growth in basic motor skills through running, jumping, throwing, stepping, and balance. Martial arts can also provide behavioral development through learning to take turns, manage frustration, and be respectful when others are speaking. Young kids even benefit from the character development that kids martial arts offers through learning to tell the truth, make friends, share, and have good manners.


How Young Kids Benefit from Martial Arts Training: 5-7 Years Old

As children get a little older, the benefits they can gain from martial arts only increase. At Premier Martial Arts, we group the ages of 5 to 7 together with a curriculum that focuses on helping kids develop their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social skills. 

At this age, a martial arts student is learning more about becoming a good and productive person through understanding and practicing the life skills they’ll need to be successful. At Premier Martial Arts, we define and break down these skills into what students will learn as the 6 Characteristics of a Champion and the 12 Life Skills of Excellence.


How Young Kids Benefit from Martial Arts Training: 8-12 Years Old

For children at 8 to 12 years old, finding healthy activities like martial arts can make a significant impact on their entire lives. At this age, children are even more receptive to the deeper lessons about determination, effort, responsibility, and respect that martial arts so powerfully teach. Especially as children reach the 8 to 12-year-old age range, providing healthy activities to give them positive and productive outlets for their growing abilities can make a world of difference in giving them a strong edge over life’s challenges. 

Children in this age range benefit from martial arts by being challenged to build discipline, focus, and social skills with instructors and peers. Premier Martial Arts takes training a step further by ensuring kids are grouped with the appropriate age range to prevent them from feeling held back or distracted by young kids too far behind their abilities. This challenging, engaging environment makes martial arts the perfect method for bringing out the best in kids. 


Getting Your Child Started in Martial Arts

 You want the best for your kids and that’s why Premier Martial Arts goes the extra mile to design training programs based on the unique needs of different age groups. 

Find a studio near you and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is growing and developing in a healthy and age-appropriate setting.


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