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Let’s Talk About the Importance of Your Child’s Ability to Focus

Kids Karate helps children to be in the moment and exercise their focus. By our definition Focus is the ability to block out distractions. NEVER in the history of mankind has focus been in such jeopardy! It should be on the Worldwide Wildlife nearly extinct list!

All joking aside, a world full of sitcoms, 15sec commercials, fast-paced movies, video games, YouTube, social media and search engines, leaves us with a bottomless resource of entertainment. We can’t even sit through a commercial before grabbing our phones or tablets out of boredom!!!

Focus is the foundation of learning. Focus incorporates self-control and discipline. All which are necessary to survive these days. ADD and ADHD have been on the rise. In some cases, medication is what is best for a person but let’s face it, doctors are too quick to prescribe a pill.

Our classroom protocol with its listening positions, martial arts drills and mats chats allow a child to be in the moment and exercise their focus. The more they exercise focusing the mind with the body the stronger and longer their ability to focus becomes. WE OWE IT TO OUR CHILDREN TO MAKE SURE THEY TRAIN THEIR “FOCUS MUSCLES” AS WE SAY. It is our obligation as parents and adults participating in our society and laying the groundwork for its future, for our children’s future.

If you have any questions on how we perceive their focusing ability just ask. We would be more than happy to give our assessment. While we are of course not doctors, but we are character development specialist who have worked with a ton of kids. You can find out more at one of our nationwide Premier Martial Arts locations!

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