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Martial Arts and Fighting COVID-19: How a Martial Arts Practice Can Help You Stay Healthy

Oct 25th, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has put health at the forefront of our focus. When our health is in jeopardy, we quickly realize how valuable good health is. While there are many safety precautions we can take to avoid and manage a COVID-19 infection, the old and faithful methods for staying healthy are still helpful. Exercise continues to be one of the best indicators of overall health and longevity. 

When it comes to martial arts and COVID-19, understanding how martial arts keep you healthy might offer some more motivation to get that practice session. We’ve listed a few ways a martial arts practice boosts your health.

Kick Your Immune System into Top Shape

The importance of a strong immune system has never been more clear than when a new illness is in the air. Luckily, there are steps you can take to give your immune system a boost so it can do its job well in times of need. A martial arts practice is a powerful method for keeping your immune system in top shape. 

A good workout, like the kind of rigorous exercise you get from a martial arts practice, boosts your immune system in part by boosting your blood flow. As noted in

“…exercise helps to recruit highly specialized immune cells—such as natural killer cells and T cells—find pathogens (like viruses) and wipe them out.”

A good workout can offer an immediate boost to your immune system, so this is one situation where every effort really does count. One study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that aerobic exercise that’s done at least five days a week cut the rate of upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold by 40% across a 12-week period. With significant results like that, finding the motivation to get that martial arts practice session done won’t be that hard!


Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common issue for many people, but can have severe consequences on our health. Particularly with COVID-19, it’s been found that high blood pressure can cause worse outcomes for those with the illness. It’s always best to do everything in our power to protect and improve our health, and regular exercise is one of those things.

Aerobic exercise, like an upbeat martial arts practice session, can help manage a healthy blood pressure level. A high-intensity martial arts workout can strengthen your heart, making it more efficient at pumping blood and thus lowering your blood pressure. 

Weight Loss with Martial Arts

Who didn’t gain a few pounds during the pandemic lockdown? There’s no shame in falling off your exercise routine or gaining some weight, but if you want a healthy body that can better fight off illness, keeping a regular exercise routine and a healthy weight makes a major difference. As more research has found a correlation between obesity and negative outcomes with COVID-19, the importance of maintaining a healthy weight has become clear. 

There are lots of ways to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, with the most important method being that something is always better than nothing. Whether you take up a martial arts practice or simply take a daily walk in your neighborhood, getting active is the goal.

Martial arts can be a fun way to manage your weight because of the mental and emotional benefits that practice offers alongside the physical benefits. Plus, martial arts is a great practice for simultaneously burning calories and building strength.

Taking Your Health to the Next Level with Martial Arts

If you want to make your health a priority, a martial arts practice can be the perfect method. At Premier Martial Arts, our goal is to make martial arts available to anyone who has the drive and desire to practice. Just give us a call or find a martial arts studios near you to get started on your journey toward robust health. 


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