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Martial Arts Help People Connect

Nov 20th, 2019

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb

In this age of technology, people are using social media and video chatting apps to connect with people all over the world, but in their day-to-day, physical life, they are becoming more and more disconnected. Humans thrive off of physical connection and need to have a sense of belonging, but with all of the pressure to be active and current on social media, they aren’t meeting those basic needs. At Premier Martial Arts, we create a sense of community that allows people of all ages to be included and have a role to play. Whether it be during class, at a graduation, or an exciting parents night out, Premier Martial Arts makes sure no one sits on the bench or feels disconnected. 

The first way Premier Martial Arts get people connected is through their weekly classes. During these classes, the students are told they are all on the same team, instructed on how to help each other reach their goals, and they are encouraged to build lasting relationships. While they take classes, the instructor teaches them how to build each other up and how to reach out to a new student to make them feel included. Even with technology’s continual popularity growth, parents and students alike know that their martial arts class will give them a place where they can grow into strong people with amazing, real-world relationships. 

Another awesome benefit of Kids Karate classes is the involvement of the parents. Each class will provide information that is perfect for the car ride home or even something the whole family could talk about at dinner. There are new personal development topics each week, giving parents plenty of ideas on how to better communicate with their excited child. One problem with technology is the act of a child, or teen, immediately getting on their phones when they are riding in a car. Instead of having conversations every time the family is in the car, it is now filled with the sound of tapping on the screen of a phone or tablet. These personal development talks that the students and parents hear every class will help with this issue because everyone will want to discuss what they learned and how they can apply it to their life. 

The next way parents can get involved with the martial arts school is through the SideKicks program at Premier Martial Arts. Maybe the parents don’t want to hop out onto the mat for a class, but they love the community that is built inside the school and they want to still be a part of it. With the SideKicks program, they get to be involved in the planning and execution of events going on with the school. In addition to being involved in the school’s events, they’ll be included in meetings that cover the information on the events, and they will get to know more about the business philosophy and victories the students and school has accomplished. This is a great way for every person involved to have a role to play inside the school, and this really gives people that sense of belonging that is sometimes missing in their life due to technology and the void it can create. 

Probably one of the most impactful events that bring people together is the graduation that is held at Premier schools. The belt graduation is truly amazing because all of the students will come together to be awarded their new belt. This allows for students of all ranks and ages to really see how big their community and martial arts family is. It is an event full of cheers, encouragement, laughter, and ultimately, connection with everyone there. These events are so important to the students, that they’re more excited about going than they are about the newest update on Fortnite, Roblox, or Minecraft. At graduation, parents get to witness their child’s pride, and the whole school is able to cheer and be excited for everyone involved. It’s events like these that really help people get involved in something that provides human interaction and social belonging, and no matter how big technology gets, Premier Martial Arts will always be doing their best to facilitate a place where people can build the physical relationships they need.

To get connect with a great group of people, get fit, and learn self-defense, check out a Premier Martial Arts School in your area. There are schools all over the country and are found in cities such as Franklin, Tennessee, Harlingen, Texas, and Augusta, Georgia. Look for one in your area and schedule your first introduction today! 


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