The Benefits of Sport Karate for Kids

Jul 25th, 2019

Sport karate is a form of martial arts that blends together and unifies all styles of martial arts in a competitive environment.  This form of martial arts brings out the best competitors from all over the world and instills core characteristics that can be utilized inside and outside the competitive area. This sport has a foundation based on the traditional aspects of martial arts but allows people to push the boundaries of their physical ability and personal style using creativity. Through competition, kids and adults alike will find an increase in confidence, good sportsmanship, dedication, and strong work ethic.

One of the most beneficial aspects of kids sport karate is the boost to a kid’s confidence level. The main reason for this is the fact that sport karate is mostly an individual sport. When it comes down to the scoring and placements, it is completely reliant on the child’s ability to perform and execute the movements. With this in mind, a child has to take ownership for their performance, walk out into the mat alone, and compete with a form, or kata, that they have been working hard on. The ability to step out onto the mat directly relates to giving a presentation in class, and if a kid has experience with performing in front of people, they won’t have any issues with speaking to their classmates. 

Whether a person partakes in baseball, football, soccer, or sport karate, having good sportsmanship is a quality of an athlete that stands out to people. In sport karate, people quickly learn how to take a win, and how to take a harsh loss. When a child wins, they are coached by their instructor to handle the victory with humility and humbleness.  This characteristic of humility comes straight from martial arts and is implemented into all competitions and training. On the other hand, when dealing with a loss, competitors are expected to remain strong-minded, learn from the loss, and take on the next competition with even more motivation and determination. One quality of sport karate that helps with this is the understanding that there is always another chance to step back onto the mat and show the judges what you’re made of.

Dedication and self-discipline are other very important characteristics that athletes learn through sport karate. Since this is a solo sport, it is up to the athlete to train, improve, and compete on their own. Most times, a parent or instructor will train the athlete, but up to the individual to put forth the effort required to improve. The child has to take on the responsibility, and know that they are in control of their improvement. The top athletes, or future top athletes, are the people who take the time after school to go out in the yard and train, work on a new move, or push themselves a little harder than the day before. When a child understands the power of being dedicated to something, there will never be an obstacle they can’t overcome or a goal they can’t achieve.

Lastly, one of the most important aspects learned through sport karate is how to have a strong work ethic. On top of being dedicated, athletes learn quickly that it is not how often you train, but how hard and effectively you train. They will learn to understand that if you’re going to do something, you have to do it correctly and give it your all. When an athlete has a new kata to learn or a critique to perfect, they have to train every day to master it. Certain habits, or muscle memory, doesn’t happen in one training session, and athletes learn to understand that all changes take time and consistent work. To improve in sport karate, an athlete will need to have a solid work ethic, and if a child learns what work ethic is, they will be successful in every facet of life

In conclusion, Premier Martial Arts Kids Sport Karate program brings a plethora of benefits to a child’s life and can have a pivotal role in any person’s success. When a younger child gets involved with sport karate, they will quickly start to gain the aforementioned qualities and show improvements in various areas such as how they treat responsibilities at home, how they act and speak in school, and how they show respect for others.  A parent will commonly see a very motivated and hardworking child and will be proud to see how they begin to chase after their goals and dreams. With the combination of confidence, good sportsmanship, dedication, and work ethic, sport karate is the perfect sport for a martial artist looking to step up their commitment and develop life skills to be used in all areas of life.


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