Top Five Reasons Moms Love Martial Arts Training for Their Children

Jun 18th, 2019

One of the many simple truths in life is that moms will always want what’s best for their children. Whether it’s making sure their children eat healthily, have access to help in school, or getting them involved in after-school activities, moms want to see their children succeed, and will do whatever they can to provide the best opportunities for their kids. Bearing this in mind, one of the best decisions a mom can make to ensure their child’s success is to enroll them in martial arts training. There is a myriad of benefits for children in martial arts training, and while there are a number of different martial arts styles, most of them provide the same benefits and instill similar core life values that will allow your child to succeed in all facets of life. While there are many more reasons than the ones listed, here are the top five reasons moms love martial arts training for their children.

Confidence Building – The lack of confidence and self-esteem in a child can disrupt his or her ability to excel in school, sports, and life as a whole. Martial arts provides challenging but achievable goals for children, with outlets that allow them to believe in themselves and their capabilities. When a child breaks through a board with a newly learned kick or gets promoted to their next belt rank, it gives children a forward-thinking and inspired attitude. In our Kids Karate program, children will quickly learn that with hard work and dedication, they can overcome obstacles on the mat, in the classroom, and in life, giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Martial arts enables children to be confident in how they talk, act in social settings, and in their decision making, which is more than what a mom could ask for.

Increase of Concentration – From the start of a child’s first class, instructors teach students that in order to succeed in martial arts, they must block out all distractions and concentrate on the goals at hand. The goals and achievements that are set by a martial arts program aren’t based on winning; rather, based on reaching or refining a certain skill, or meeting a set number of attendance, which makes it much easier for children to understand what is expected of them. These concrete goals allow children to focus and concentrate on one specific part of their martial arts training and teaches them to set concrete goals that they can concentrate on in school and other aspects of their lives.

Character Building – Martial arts is undoubtedly one of the premier ways for a child’s character to improve. While teamwork is taught in martial arts, martial arts is one of the few activities that push children to become self-reliant and independent. Learning new techniques and progressing to the next belt are primarily based on how hard a child works and the level of commitment they are willing to put in. This hard work and independence go hand in hand with perseverance and resilience. Children love to be successful, but they will soon find out that nothing of worth comes easy. Martial arts has plenty of challenges and trials that students will have to overcome by working hard and pushing back at life’s obstacles, which will leave them prepared to do the same when facing obstacles in the classroom or in their other activities.

Self Defense – The truth is, bullying exists at just about all ages. Bullying can come in verbal and emotional forms, but it can also be very apparent in its physical form. One of the biggest concerns that moms have is the worry that their child would not be able to defend themselves should an altercation arise.  While martial arts teaches children how to avoid confrontation altogether, it also gives children the training and techniques to defend themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Teaching children self-defense through martial arts also enables them to stand up to unhealthy peer pressure in other facets of life by making them unafraid of potential confrontation.

Fitness – Everyone needs to exercise, yet a very small amount of children get the necessary physical activity that they need each day to grow and be healthy. We currently live in an age that finds children turning their heads to phones and television sets instead of being outside and active. Martial arts provide children with purposeful and meaningful movement, allowing them to build muscle and burn fat. The movements in martial arts also increase general flexibility, strength, and endurance, supplying children with a strong fundamental base that can be applied to other physical activities. The increase in fitness also gives children an increase in energy, leading them to be more attentive and willing to participate in the classroom as well as maintain a high-achieving attitude in life.

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