Free Online Karate Lessons for Kids out of School Due to Coronavirus Quarantine

Mar 27th, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has caused most aspects of our daily lives to come to an abrupt halt. As many businesses are locked down, jobs transition their employees to remote work, and kids go home as schools close, it can be hard to find a sense of stability amidst all the changes. Many people are feeling abnormally high levels of anxiety and fear; the sense of isolation that prolonged quarantine creates and the concerns about our health that require extra precautions taken at every chance has created an unusual situation that can lead to negative feelings.

Some of us are more vulnerable than others to feeling the effects of these difficult times; children are highly affected by the unpredictable and unusual situation caused by the coronavirus. Stability, structure, and routine are vital in creating a healthy and happy child — this is just one of the many reasons that martial arts are so beneficial to children. Yet, during this coronavirus pandemic, stability, structure, and routine are exactly what has disappeared from most of our lives and our children’s lives as well.

While the coronavirus can certainly do horrible harm to a person directly, the harm that is caused indirectly through completely altering a person’s environment and daily life is no negligible effect. It’s crucial to make sure our children aren’t harmed by this pandemic both physically and mentally or emotionally as well. The mental and emotional toll that the coronavirus quarantine can take upon our children results in them feeling a sense of frustration, fear, and anxiety. For this reason, Premier Martial Arts has created a free online karate lessons program for all children to benefit from during quarantine.

Our organization understands the important role that martial arts play in keeping our kid healthy and happy, both in normal times and even more so in our current, challenging times. The free online karate lessons PMA will provide help to keep children engaged and thriving even in tough times by providing entertainment, education, and fitness all in one package. Parents are no strangers to the insatiable entertainment needs of children and neither are we; during a quarantine, our kids are restricted from the many fun activities and the socialization that school provides, leading to more boredom and subsequently more frustration. Our free online karate lessons are an excellent way to keep kids entertained in the place of their usual activities while still giving them something to do that boosts their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Part of the value that our free online karate lessons provide is the educational and fitness components to keep kids mentally engaged and physically active. As schools move online during the quarantine, it can be more difficult to keep kids as intellectually motivated in the often distracting surroundings of their home. By providing extra intellectual stimulation through free online karate lessons, Premier Martial Arts is giving every child the opportunity to stay sharp and prevent falling behind during the coronavirus quarantine.

Another aspect of the quarantine that can cause children to feel anxious is the lack of physical activity created by reduced opportunities to socialize with friends and enjoy sports. Children thrive when given opportunities for regular exercise; practicing martial arts online during the quarantine is a great way to reduce your child’s anxiety and restlessness due to staying home for extended periods of time. Exercise is crucial for children’s wellbeing, helping them to sleep more soundly and feel less frustrated during the day. In addition to the mental and emotional benefits that exercise provides, it’s important for helping to keep kids physically healthy even when quarantine mandates keep them from playing outside with friends.

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits that children can gain from free online karate lessons is an effective way to help children productively deal with and process the uncertainty and tension that can arise due to the coronavirus quarantines. Keeping kids engaged both mentally and physically gives them a healthy outlet to express their feelings of stress and tension. At Premier Martial Arts, providing children with a healthy and accessible outlet for working through the difficulty this unpredictable time can create is our way of giving back. Children often don’t articulate the insecurity and fear they are feeling, making it all the more vital that they are provided with outlets for expressing that extra energy and their feelings of uncertainty.

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